How You Can Turn Your MBA into Your Own Business

Man at his desk

Entrepreneurship is the personification of the spirit of America. Aspiring entrepreneurs all start with an idea and thirst for innovation, building their once small businesses into billion-dollar corporations known and admired across the globe. Becoming your own boss is a mixture of excitement and dread, transforming into a sense of accomplishment in “having made it.”

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, about two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least 2 years and about half survive at least 5 years. Against these odds, the dream of owning a business is still alive and well. But achieving a level of fortune and fame takes more than creating a better mousetrap. It takes street smarts coupled with business sense to make it as a lasting entrepreneur.

That’s why a Master of Business Administration from NCU can be a great asset in starting a business of your own. First of all, you’ll learn how to manage, operate, and market your business. It takes more than a genius idea for a new product or service. You’ll also learn financial affairs for your business to survive. Invest too quickly and you’ll blow your budget. Don’t invest enough and you’ll starve your new foundling business. Your MBA classes can lay the foundation of sound financial decisions during your first few years of working for yourself.

Jenita Bonisa received her NCU Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in General Business. She says, “I graduated in December of 2015. In 2016, I opened a children's play place that is now doing well. I came from being a teacher and wanted more information on running a business and starting my own business, so I began my journey for an MBA at Northcentral University. By the time that I finished my courses, I felt prepared to start and run my own business.”

By taking classes in financial management and accounting, you’ll learn how to create and read balance sheets, cash flow and income statements to understand your business’s financial health. You’ll also learn to read financial reports and analyze risks and rewards. A new business owner needs to understand all aspects of your finances to correctly price your product or service to be profitable.

The Entrepreneurship MBA at NCU takes you beyond the classroom as you build and test your entrepreneurial ideas in real-world scenarios. This specialization explores various business disciplines, including marketing, finance, operations, strategy, as you develop skills in building businesses, investing in businesses, raising capital and evaluating business opportunities. Entrepreneurship courses emphasize analysis, decision-making and business planning of a real new venture product or service. As a graduate, you can expect to have a solid business plan that is ready to be presented to investors, banks or private entities.

Our new Master of Science in Organizational Leadership curriculum provides an intense examination of the current state of leadership within a given profession. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained the knowledge to evaluate your own leadership skills and the components of leadership that contribute to the health of an organization, as well as how to apply best leadership practices in an organization.

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