How Do Online Classes Work at NCU?

Northcentral University (NCU), founded in 1996, uses today’s most cutting-edge technology to make online classes accessible for everyone. As the recent 2017 graduating class shows, graduates ranged in age from 21 to 80, and many started with no technology expertise. So how do online classes work at NCU, and what is the NCU difference?

The founders of NCU “endeavored to shape a richer educational experience for gaining a higher degree, one with unparalleled flexibility that is delivered online and fashioned around mentoring by professors with doctoral degrees and professional experience in their respective fields.”

NCU Offers Unique Flexibility

NCU is dedicated to offering students a unique online learning experience through its flexibility. One of the hallmarks of the NCU experience is you don’t have to wait for anyone else. There are weekly course starts to fit your schedule. Classes start every Monday. There are no physical residency requirements, making NCU ideal for military personnel, international students and working professionals.

There’s no need to drive to campus. You start your course on any Monday. You receive new assignments on Monday, and they are due each Sunday. As Alexandra Colvin, currently a PhD student at NCU working on a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy says, “I work full-time and do not have the time to travel to a campus two or three times a week.”

Colvin had never enrolled in an online university before NCU but found the program to be much more suitable for her as a working professional. In addition to avoiding a commute to campus, Colvin also finds the online research resources at NCU invaluable. “I am deeply impressed with the availability of resources NCU offers right at my fingertips,” explains Colvin. “I no longer have to visit my local public library to retrieve resources.”

NCU Offers a One-to-One Learning Model

At NCU, you enroll in a classroom size of one. You will be in a classroom that is just you and your professor. All of the NCU faculty members hold a doctoral degree, each with professional experience in their fields. You work toward your higher education degree side-by-side with those expert professors.  

NCU’s individualized teaching offers mentoring that you won’t find at other universities. You receive a deeper understanding of the material and have a chance to build a relationship with your professors. The feedback is personal, real and directly from your professor rather than other students or teaching assistants.

NCU also offers plenty of online resources to help you along your educational journey. Colvin points out that those resources have been a tremendous benefit to her. “Besides the faculty, I appreciate the ability to access the Academic Success Center, IT Helpdesk Center, and the Commons,” explained Colvin. “I was able to quickly learn the APA standards of writing, resolve computer issues, and network with my fellow students and faculty.”

The difference at NCU is that everything is on your schedule—you can find fellow students to share ideas with if you choose, but class assignments are based on NCU’s proven one-to-one model.  You can find the best way to interact with your professors using today’s technology—email, video conferencing, or by telephone.

You can be in control of your destiny. In a world where it sometimes feels as if you are always waiting on someone else and things seem unpredictable, you can be in control of your educational journey. Northcentral University lets you control your own future through a 100% online, distance-based approach to getting your higher education degree.

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