How an Advanced Degree Can Lead You to Career Success

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As we enter 2019, August 2018 graduates at NCU are at least five months past the completion of their program. Soon enough, they'll be pursuing new career paths in their desired fields, and in order to find gainful employment, there are several resources they can take advantage of to make the process easier. 

No matter where you are in your educational career, being aware of networking tools is a great way to find new opportunities. If you're interested in learning more about what NCU has to offer both during your time as a student and after, then here are a few things to consider about your advanced degree and how you can make it work for you:

The Career Benefit of Having an Advanced Degree 

Rather than an undergraduate degree that gives you a foundation of experience, an advanced degree provides an in-depth research period of a focused area of study, which ultimately leads to a greater expertise and achievement. 

In the past, having a Bachelor's degree was enough to land an entry-level position in several job sectors, such as higher education or social services, but moving into the 2000s, these same positions were no longer considering those with only a base degree. Unfortunately, job requirements have only become stricter as the years have passed, but there are several aspects to enjoy by earning a Master's or PhD. For example, those who achieve an advanced degree may have access to greater employment opportunities and career growth. Right away, you may be considered for roles that are mid-level or upper-level, followed by a more competitive salary. In fact, according to “The Economic Value of College Majors,” a 2015 study by Georgetown University, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn an average annual salary of $61,000 over the course of their career, while those with a graduate degree earn an average annual salary of $78,000. Not to mention, those with more education already have a proven track record of hard work and persistence, which showcases a level of loyalty and determination that hiring teams look for when fulfilling management positions. 

According to J.C. Baker, one advanced degree was not enough to meet his educational goals. “I decided to go back and obtain my MBA along with my DBA in Organizational Leadership to increase my knowledge, business acumen, and credentials surrounding business matters,” states Baker. “For years, I have been hired as a contract consultant to help people and organizations improve their productivity. After having considerable success in corporate America concerning business and sales, I decided completing an advanced degree would help tremendously in the perception of my expertise and book writing.”

The bottom line is that society has changed in a way that recognizes commitment and rewards those who can put forth consistent effort. Of course, that doesn't mean those with anything less than an advanced degree can't find success, but having the right credentials makes finding a meaningful career less challenging. 

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Burning Glass and Other Employment Resources

One of the ways that NCU helps prepare new graduates for the workforce is with an incredible employment search platform called Burning Glass. Essentially, this tool allows students to research data on employment and compensation trends, as well as guide them through potential degree programs that might advance, but not guarantee, employment opportunities. Spending some time on this platform is a great way to discover the possibilities that a particular job may hold, as well as offering insight into what academic goals must be met in order to seize them. 

Outside of in-house resources, other employment tools, like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, have been tremendous assets for those searching for the right job. With each of these platforms, users can create a digital resume that showcases their talents and achievements. Plus, there are additional sections to post honors and awards, receive endorsements by other industry professionals, and share special skills and background information. 

The days of creating basic resumes on Word are becoming less relevant, and employers are actively searching for holistic packages filled with the right assets and credentials. That being said, the time to start planning for the future is now, so whether you're five months away from graduating or you're just getting ready to start, NCU can set you on the right path to a career that you love. 

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Plan for the Future with NCU

Waiting until the last minute to put yourself into the job market will only leave you at the back of line, so to ensure that you're making the most of your efforts as a student, take the time to evaluate your present and prepare it for the future with NCU. 

Our expert faculty can help you answer any questions that you might have about your desired career path. We specialize in a wide variety of educational programs, and with the right guidance and support, you'll be able to move forward in the direction of your dreams with world-class training and the utmost confidence. 

To learn more about NCU and what it can do for your career, feel free to contact our admissions office or fill out the form below.