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Hello, Are You Listening to Me?

By Tiffany Thomas, NCU student, DBA Organizational Leadership

As part of our Ghost Program blog series, Tiffany shares what she's learned from her "internship" with Detroit Labs: 

Communication and Trust in an Organization
Communication and trust are two key components in organizations. Whether violated or embraced, they establish the culture and climate so team members can either feel supported or uncomfortable in their interactions with team members across the organization.

Detroit Labs, an Information Technology company, has created a culture that encourages communication across the board. As a flat organization, Detroit Labs supports open communication among its team members. In return, this allows team members to be comfortable with how they express their thoughts and ideas.

The Impact of Open Communication
I believe this is a catalyst that drives trust within the organization. If team members are comfortable with communicating their ideas and opinions, then there is a level of professional trust that exists to share information. For example, Detroit Labs allows team members to facilitate and discuss their thoughts on work related and non-work related issues during weekly retro meetings. They also allow team members to meet monthly with the founders of the organization to discuss issues as well.

This type of communication gives team members a sense of leadership, provides transparency throughout the organization by allowing employees an opportunity to share their thoughts and ensures them that the co-founders are there to listen and address any of their concerns.

While many of us often wonder if leaders or team members in an organization are actually listening to their ideas and concerns, Detroit Labs is making sure their team members are given opportunities to do so.

I believe that keeping the lines of communication open will eventually drive your team members to establish a form of trust towards the organization. Think about a time in which you wanted a team member or leadership in your organization to just listen and understand your thoughts and ideas. Do you believe they were listening to you? Share your thoughts.