Great Student New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

The holidays are over, and the last piece of pie has been consumed. It’s a brand new year. Now is the perfect time for a fresh outlook. Whether you’re just getting ready to start a new degree, or half-way through earning your PhD, New Year’s resolutions for students are a great way to define goals, reassess priorities and keep your eye on the big picture.

Don’t put off what you can do today.

If you’ve been on the edge about pursuing your graduate degree, don’t procrastinate any longer. Start today. Putting off the decision could mean delaying potential career advancement, salary increases and job opportunities. At NCU, classes are online and begin each week, so there’s no waiting for a new semester, dealing with scheduling conflicts or class wait lists.  A decision on your educational advancement could be the most important resolution you make this year.

Stay healthy.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to commit to going to the gym every day. Exercise, however, is important to your physical and mental wellbeing, so consider finding a way to incorporate it into your schedule. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from your destination to get in a few more walking steps, or maybe join a hiking club. Find what interests you and it’ll be easier to incorporate into your schedule and stick with it. Exercise, making good food choices, and plenty of rest will help combat stress and make learning new skills easier.

Get organized.

We understand that juggling school, work and other commitments can be tough. A good way to deal with it? Get organized. This is probably the easiest and most obtainable New Year’s resolution for students. How to begin? Start with one central calendar and keep it up to date with appointments, due dates and important events. Set reminders and make sure your calendar syncs with your phone and any other device(s) you use. Set up bills to be paid automatically online. Make email folders to organize communications. Here are some more tips and links for apps that can help.

Mind your money.

Look for ways to mitigate education expenses. For example, students can research applicable grants and scholarships that may be available to them. If you currently have high interest rates on existing student loans, you can consider consolidating loan debt. Research options that may be available to reduce monthly payments.

With just a little planning, and some New Year’s resolutions, students could find they may be more productive, healthy and organized going into the New Year.