Flying High With NCU Alum Richard Sheng, Ph.D.

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Dr. Richard Sheng’s 30 years of work in aviation has produced extraordinary results and recognition on two continents. He was selected in the 11th group of the Thousand Talent Program which was established by the central Chinese government to recognize and recruit international experts. During his 23 years working in the U.S. with Boeing and McDonnell Douglas in aircraft development and military missile technology programs, he earned several awards including the National Malcolm Baldrige Award, a prestigious quality management award, and now serves as a quality management judge and examiner for the award.

Dr. Sheng earned his PhD in Business Administration from Northcentral University and has conducted research in COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute as a Senior Technical Fellow on the C-919 and Wide Body CR-929 Programs since 2013. While continuing his work, he is looking forward to the publication of his first book, Systems Engineering for Aerospace: A Practical Approach.

Many thanks Dr. Sheng for making time to catch up with Take 5.

1. Why did you decide to go back to school; what drew you to NCU?

My office mates already knew that I have a doctoral degree and wanted to help me on the NCU journey. Mainly, I chose NCU because it is an accredited university with a 100% online doctoral program.

2. What is the best lesson you learned as an online student at NCU?

The best lesson I have learned as an online student at NCU was time management. I had to balance my work and study throughout the entire period of my doctoral program. I always reserve at least one hour a day to study.

3. How has the flexibility of NCU’s programs helped you balance family life, work, and school?

The NCU program was flexible so I was able to balance family life, work, and school. Normally, I had a week of planning to complete my study and write my research paper.

4. What advice do you have for prospective students interested in enrolling in your same program at NCU?

My PhD program was in Engineering and Technology Management. This is a great PhD program and it helps to prepare us in the fields of engineering and technology. Our futures are in engineering and technology and NCU focuses on how we can manage these two important fields.

5. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?

I would definitely read my book which will be published in March 2019. The title of my book is “Systems Engineering for Aerospace: A Practical Approach.”