Five Tips for the Best Online College Experience

You’ve just committed to an online degree program, and you want to ensure you’re on the right track to accomplish your goals.  Below are five tips to get your online education on the right track:

  1. Technology: An online degree starts with a good laptop, internet connection and printer. It is especially important to consider a computer with a 2 GHz or faster processor, a minimum of 512 MB RAM and at least 20 GB of free hard disk space. 
  2. Location: If you normally study from home, select a backup location for completing your work if technical difficulties occur.  Visit – and then plan for working at - a favorite coffee shop, library, a rent-by-the-hour office space facility or even a friend’s house if computer or internet problems arise. This way, you’ll still able to study and complete your assignments on time.  Having this place identified ahead of time will reduce your stress if problems come up.
  3. Interactions: Connect directly with your professor at the beginning of a course, and continue to communicate throughout the duration of the class. At NCU, our unique, one-to-one learning model facilitates this communication by pairing one student with one doctoral professor in each course to create a supportive, mentoring experience for the student. Specific feedback is provided after each course assignment through text, email, telephone or video conferencing. In this model, students also have the opportunity to build lasting professional relationships with professors – connections that often last long after graduation.
  4. Goals: Set your educational goals, and choose to be proactive, instead of reactive. Plan your attack for studying and completing coursework ahead of time so that you’re able to achieve your goals. 
  5. Support: Most professionals pursuing an online degree will find they need support throughout their educational journey. Share your goals with family and friends, and share with them how they can be supportive.  Communicate your study plans and coursework ahead of time. This way, they will know the demands of your time so that they won’t inadvertently derail or distract you.  In addition, seek out support from fellow online students.  At NCU, students can connect with one through The Commons