Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Patrick McNamara

Dr. Patrick McNamara

Dr. Patrick McNamara is a Dissertation Chair and Professor with NCU's School of Business and Technology Management but has been with NCU in the former graduate school since 2012.

Dr. McNamara obtained his Ph.D. from Boston University in Behavioral Neuroscience in 1991. He has worked in research and development in both the public and private sectors throughout the 90s and 2000s.

Outside of NCU, Dr. McNamara is Chief Science Officer for the online and app start –up dreamboard.com which specializes in promoting understanding of sleep and dreams via their online dream journal product as well as their online sleep disorders interventions products. Dreamboard.com now has over 200,000 users and is currently lining up venture capital investment to grow the company.

Dr McNamara has published dozens of papers and several books on sleep and dreams and is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Dr McNamara’s other interests extend to the scientific study of religion. He is a founding director of the Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion (www.ibcsr.org) as well as a founding editor of the flagship journal in the field Religion, Brain and Behavior. Dr McNamara has also published extensively (many papers and several books) in the psychology of religion. Finally Dr McNamara has also published extensively on the neuropsychiatry of Parkinson’s Disease, including a recent MIT Press Book “The Cognitive Neuropsychiatry of Parkinsons Disease (PD)” which included study of financial decision making in the context of impulsive decision making associated with PD.

When not at work, Dr. McNamara enjoys the challenges and joys of being a single Dad for his 9 year old daughter Ina who is an avid dancer and singer. Dr McNamara believes the one-on-one mentoring NCU provides its students, including its doctoral students, is the best possible education an individual can get these days.