Exploring Careers Outside of the Classroom

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Teaching, they say, is a vocation--more than just a calling because it transforms lives. Thankfully, teaching doesn’t happen solely inside classrooms. Outside the hallowed halls of a schoolroom, there are ways to impact minds and improve lives. 

Whether you’re looking to directly impact what’s happening inside classrooms without being in it, you’ve decided a career change for teachers is what you need at this point in your life, or you’re a former teacher looking for non-teaching jobs in education, below are a few of the top jobs worth checking out.

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Careers Outside the Classroom for Education Graduates 

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators are also known as curriculum developers. They work with teachers and principals and are responsible for designing and developing training modules and materials, overseeing curriculum implementation, and assessing its effectiveness. 

  • Median pay: $63,750 per year
  • Growth outlook from 2016 to 2026: 11% (faster than the 7% average for all professions)
  • Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Training and Development Specialist

Training and development specialists plan, develop, and administer training programs to help employees hone their skills or develop new ones. They interview employees and conduct surveys and consultations to assess the training needs of an organization.

Distance Learning Instructor

The internet and the opportunities it presents have paved the way for many alternative jobs for teachers. Distance learning or eLearning instructors create courses and training modules for students taking classes online. They use various authoring tools and eLearning platforms to distribute their course content. They also facilitate instructor-led online discussions.

  • Average base pay: $65,047 per year
  • Source: Glassdoor

Instructional Technology Specialist

The instructional technology specialist is responsible for integrating various technology tools into the teaching and learning process to improve results, as well as help students and teachers become technologically savvy. 

  • Average salary (Salary.com): $58,259 per year
  • Average salary (PayScale): $52,074 per year

Educational Policy Analyst

Educational policy analysts conduct research on the weaknesses and inefficiencies of current educational policies and make recommendations on how to improve students’ learning outcomes, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Average salary: $55,902 per year
  • Source: PayScale


In a technologically advanced education world where books have gone digital, you’d think libraries are no longer relevant--but they still are! Which is why a job as a librarian, which requires you to help people conduct research and find information for professional or personal use, is worth considering.

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