EdTech: Getting Started with Articulate Storyline

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Online engagement is making significant impact on all aspects of educational learning, training, and development. Educational Technology (EdTech) poses opportunities and challenges to schools, corporations, organizations, communities, and families. Transformations in EdTech have the potential to enhance the efficacy of our learning and development outcomes. This blog provides four tutorials to help you get started with Articulate Storyline.


Educational technology or EdTech is the combined use of computer software, hardware, education theory, and practice to facilitate the process of learning. EdTech reduces human efforts, and in the process, has the potential to foster a smoother and more dynamic learning and development experience for the facilitators, the learners, and all stakeholders in the training, learning and development value stream.

From communication to transportation, and everything in between, technology has disrupted the way we do almost everything in our daily lives. Nevertheless, the traditional classroom teaching modalities remain grounded in the fundamental principles upon which they have erected. The trajectory for the integration of technology in the global classroom is on an upward path and is not showing any hint of turning back (Vrba & Mitchell, 2019). It is fair to say that the era of technology integration in classrooms is here to stay, so let’s embrace it in engaging ways.

Articulate Storyline Helps Educators Create Highly Interactive Courses

Articulate Storyline helps educators to create highly personalized learning experiences for their students by helping to create highly customized and interactive courses that can be accessed from anywhere with any device. One hundred and six thousand organizations utilize Articulate content authoring software, inclusive of 92 fortune 100 companies (Articulate 360, 2021).

Articulate products are responsive to all mobile devices. You can build online courses for any device available. Storyline has over seven million royalty-free images, icons, and photos. We can use these images as visual ads to explain complex concepts.

Steps to Use Storyline 360:

Articulate is also powered with numerous other options like working with pictures, videos, audios, web content, editing screen recording, shapes, tables, texts, formatting, and other tools for creating engaging, animated learning experiences.

For more information about Articulate Storyline:

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Michael Crawley, NCU student EdD program

MBA (IT), M.Ed. (Learning and Technology)