Tips for Writing a Dissertation Methodology

For anyone pursuing a doctorate, the Mount Everest that lies ahead is your dissertation. It sounds intimidating, but what really is a dissertation anyway? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a dissertation is “an extended and typically written treatment of a subject. More specifically, a treatment written and submitted to achieve a doctorate degree.”

Gerontology: Working with the Elderly and Their Families’ Psychological Needs

In 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 40.4 million unpaid caregivers provided care to U.S. adults aged 65 and above. Not surprisingly, 90% of this caregiving population cared for an aging relative - their parents, in most cases. 

More than half of the surveyed caregivers, 61%, were employed, and of the employed, approximately 50% worked full-time. The statistics also showed that 88% found caring for an aging parent rewarding, while 32% found it stressful.

NCU Professors, Graduates and Students Contribute to Publication on Effective Student Communication in an Online Environment

Dr. Melanie Shaw, Professor for the NCU School of Education and Dr. Abigail Scheg, Adjunct Dissertation Chair - Ombuds, Graduate School, have co-edited a new publication, Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses.

Why Women Should Pursue STEM Education

Below is a photo of the participants of the 1927 Fifth Solvay Conference on Physics in Brussels, Belgium, where notable scientists including Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr  discussed the then newly formulated quantum theory.

If you look closely, two things stand out:

● It was a historic meeting of some of the most brilliant minds humankind has ever produced

● They were all men except for Marie Curie (front row, third from left)

NCU Dean Shows How to Pave the Way for Future Innovators

Dr. Laurie Shanderson, our Founding Dean of Northcentral University’s new School of Health Sciences, was recently featured in Walden University’s alumni magazine to share her transition from student to leader.

Congratulations to the NCU August President’s Scholarship Recipients

Northcentral University is pleased to announce the August NCU President’s Scholarship recipients! These ten new students who attend NCU will embark on a new educational journey with a FULL TUITION scholarship in their selected degree program.

Recipients were selected on the strength of their essay or video submission on the topic, “For what reasons have you selected NCU to pursue your degree, and what do you plan to do with it upon graduation?”

The NCU August President’s Scholarship recipients are:

Want to Add Seven Years to Your Life? Start Walking!

A small study presented at the European Society of Cardiology found that subjects who engaged in a brisk walk experienced anti-aging benefits and saw a three to seven year increase in lifespan.

NCU Values Scholarship Recipient Pursues an MBA with Management Specialization

Paul Phillips, NCU Values Scholarship recipient, serves as vice president of service excellence for Asentinel, LLC. He says that professional career and community involvement have been the cornerstone for his success in developing strategies for several organizations and causes.

NCU Values Scholarship Recipient Pursues a Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Catherine Vigue, NCU Values Scholarship recipient pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Education, has had many lives. She served twenty-two years in the Air Force Reserve retiring as a Master Sergeant and fifteen years in healthcare as a certified surgical technologist. For the past five years, she has made the transition into the educational field of English as a Second Language (ESL).

Five Things You Need to Know About Negotiating

President John F. Kennedy famously said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” And like it or not, the evidence is clear: Although negotiating may make us feel uncomfortable, those who are willing to negotiate have higher incomes and better positions.