What is the Value of a Master's Degree?

If you’ve wondered if it would be worth it to go back to school for a master's degree, you can’t help but notice that many business professionals are doing just that. It helps set them up for a potential promotion and the accompanying increase in salary that would take professional certifications related to your career field or years of additional experience to attain. A master's degree will certainly open more doors than a bachelor's. And the insight you gain will indeed make you a master of your chosen field.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Busy Students

Would you be surprised to know that Valentine’s Day has mysterious beginnings? Not only were there two martyrs named Valentine to which the holiday might be attributed, there was an existing ancient roman holiday named Galatin’s Day, which was a fertility celebration.

Over time, it’s suspected that this celebration got meshed with St. Valentine’s Day leading to the holiday we celebrate today.

Scholarships are more than dollars and cents

Scholarships offer more than financial help, often times they are also the catalyst that encourages dreamers to become doers. These incentives can embolden potential students to imagine the possibilities life might hold if they earn their degree. Many students also find that writing a scholarship essay revitalizes their passion and offers the motivation they need to get started.

Take Five. A Moment With Our Alumni – Dr. Michael Apperson

NCU alum Dr. Michael Apperson served with the U.S. Navy from July 1985 to August 2015. During his 30 years of service, Dr. Apperson’s job titles included Submarine Fire Control Technician, Chief of the Boat, and Command Master Chief.

The proudest moment of his military career was having his wife, children and parents present for his retirement ceremony. Dr. Apperson earned a PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Organizational Leadership.

What Kind of Salary Can I Expect with a Computer Science Degree?

Are you ready to take your IT career to the next level? You can with Northcentral University’s new Master of Science in Computer Science.

The world is connected through vast networks, which play a crucial role in nearly every factor of our life. While we rely upon this complex system for our convenience, economy and security, this system itself relies upon advanced professionals that understand how to make it all work.

Tips for Teachers to Encourage Students to Learn about STEM

Research indicates that a nation’s ability to innovate and thrive in the modern workplace hinges on a strong foundation in math and science. A vibrant, sustained democracy is likewise believed to be dependent on it.

How to Pay for Grad School

Everyone knows that without careful planning, grad school debt can become your financial albatross long after graduation. But it doesn’t automatically have to be debilitating, if you wrangle your budget regularly while in school.

Whether you just graduated from college before jumping into grad school or are reentering the classroom after a few years in the workforce, graduate school can expand your skills while increasing your earning potential for the rest of your career.

What Are the Benefits of a Psychology Degree?

At the base of many successful individuals is a fundamental understanding of human psychology. Whether you work in education, healthcare, or business, a psychology degree can open new doors and offer new perspectives on your career trajectory.

It has applications in all occupations and psychology majors use their understanding of human, group, and organizational behavior to qualify for a wide range of career opportunities.

Is a Certificate Right for You?

Certificates can help you gain the knowledge you need to reach personal or professional goals. Since certificates take less time to earn than a degree, they allow you to continue your education without requiring you to make a lengthy commitment.

This can help you grow in your field and quickly prepare you to take advantage of new opportunities.

Certificates also have the following benefits:

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. and His Impact on Education

Martin Luther King, Jr., was born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. A minister and civil-rights activist, King is well known for his “I Have a Dream” speech given in 1963, in Washington, D.C., during a Jobs and Freedom March. In many of King’s speeches, while leading the modern American Civil Rights Movement, he focused on education as a key component to equality. In his 13 years advocating for civil rights, he also brought awareness to the importance of education.