What Types of Careers Can You Pursue with a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is a field of study that offers high-level training to professionals seeking senior management positions in their chosen business fields. Similar to a PhD in other areas of study, a DBA is the highest educational degree you can attain in the field of business administration.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Christine Benz

NCU Dr Christine BenzDr. Christine Benz earned a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership from NCU in 2015. As the head of the Training & Development for a global technology firm, she has this to say about her DBA:

Take Five. A Moment With Our Alumni – Jenita Bonisa

Jenita Bonisa tells us why she counted on NCU to help make her dream of owning her own business come true. After 12 years as an elementary school teacher in the Indianapolis Public Schools, she returned to college and earned her Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in General Business from NCU in December of 2015.

NCU Student Disabilities Services Making a Difference for ADA Students

Diversity is an essential component of Northcentral University’s mission. As an online university, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity by removing barriers impeding diverse and historically underserved communities from acquiring an accredited graduate level education.

National Library Workers Day

NCU Associate Librarian Kristin BernetDid you know that National Library Workers Day is April 11th? Too often we take a tremendous asset like the NCU Library for granted. But when you stop to think about it, it’s one of the resources you’ll use most frequently.

Best Brain Foods for Studying and Memory Boosts

We’ve always been told you are what you eat. Science tells us that some foods increase awareness and mental sharpness, while other foods make us lethargic and give us brain fog.

Top MBA Career Paths: What Are Your Options?

What kinds of jobs are available to MBA graduates?

According to the Financial Times, the primary reason most students pursue an MBA is to increase their salary. And while tuition is on the rise, so is the average alumni pay — $142,000, a 12% increase since 2014.

What Can You Do with a Master's in Education?

Traditional teaching roles continuously evolve. Many recent graduates want to continue their education to build upon their teaching skills or pursue a career beyond the classroom. They discover that an online master's in education can help them attain a higher paying teaching job or other positions within the field of education.

NCU Announces Dream Big Scholarship Recipients

Northcentral University is pleased to announce the February Dream Big scholarship recipients! These ten recipients will receive a full tuition scholarship to help them follow their higher education goals!

The NCU Dream Big scholarship recipients are:

Pauline Attiyeh of Indianapolis, IN

What Can You Do with an MBA?

A Masters in Business Administration, or an MBA as it is more commonly known, is an advanced business degree that can be earned by students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in business or another field. MBA degree holders are attractive to employers for their ability to address uncertainty, solve problems and think critically. Earning an MBA may lead to a higher salary, a position in management, and marketability in an ever-evolving job market.