Degree Highlight - Organizational Leadership

Degree Highlight - Organizational Leadership

Are you cut out for leadership? Every business, institution, form of government, or private enterprise needs rock solid leaders to grow and prosper. They often come from within the ranks among those who have taken the effort to improve their leadership skills to qualify and stand out from the crowd.

Northcentral University is dedicated to developing innovative and leading-edge programs for our students. Our new Master of Science in Organizational Leadership curriculum provides an intense examination of the current state of leadership within a given profession. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained the knowledge to evaluate your own leadership skills and the components of leadership that contribute to the health of an organization, as well as how to apply best leadership practices in an organization. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to become a leader, motivate others, think critically, and make sound, ethical decisions.

Perhaps you are currently employed in a professional position and want to expand your employment opportunities by obtaining a degree for further professional advancement. Or you haven’t yet completed your college education due to life circumstances or location.  You may be an active-duty soldier or veteran military personnel looking to advance within the ranks or transition into civilian life and are just looking to enhance your leadership style. Whatever your situation, a degree in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University may be just your ticket to advancement in your field, whether it be public administration, human resources, health care administration, criminal justice, nonprofit management, project management among others.

According to Dr. Jamiel Vadell, NCU professor, “Leaders are not just born but they are made. Educating oneself in understanding organizational leadership will assist any leader to work effectively with anyone. As a veteran, leadership is the foundation of building a strong organization and allowing a team to grow. Know yourself in order to lead your organization. Be the servant leader anyone is willing to follow.”

Northcentral University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program and all of NCU's programs were developed to make earning your degree possible by scheduling school around your life, not your life around school. With weekly course starts, and one-to-one learning, you can earn your degree and manage professional, personal, and family obligations.

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