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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week With NCU

A few words from Dr. Andy Riggle, Dean of the School of Education ...

This is a very special time of year for our esteemed Faculty at NCU, as May 6-10, 2019 is National Teacher Appreciation Week! This is a prime opportunity to reflect on the educators in your life who significantly contributed to your current as well as future success.

You likely remember those special instructors who gave you a boost of confidence, cared a little more, and worked non-stop just for you to realize your hopes and dreams. These are the teachers who you carry in your hearts, telling others of their love for teaching and support of you, sometimes with a tear in your eye, because they have become a part of what makes you – you.

Teachers can be your anchor, your support, when all else seems adrift. And, though we know we can never thank them enough, we can certainly pause for just a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to offer our unique gratitude for those special teachers in our lives, past and present.

I want to encourage to use this this week to reconnect with a teacher who you believe made a positive difference in your life, assisting you and perhaps your family to experience a higher quality life. I guarantee that your thankfulness will be appreciated more than you know and that it will have a positive impact in their life, just like they made in yours.   

Remember, you are who you are because of those who cared about you!

Dr. Andy Riggle, Dean of the School of Education