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6 Reasons You Should Attend a Conference This Year

Conferences to attend

As an academic professional, making connections and sharing your research is vital to the development of open discussion and education. Some of the best inventions, cures, and discoveries have come from great minds joining together in the pursuit of knowledge, and that's why attending a conference this year is a positive networking opportunity if you're continuing your studies at NCU.

NCU participates in various conferences, both professional and academic, every year to bolster its program studies and influence as a premier educational institution. Most notably, NCU regularly attends the Society for Human Resource Management Conference (SHRM) hosted throughout different parts of the world. In addition to these involvements, NCU has formed many strategic partnerships through its Strategic Partnerships initiative. Those from both Corporate Alliances and Academic Alliances are welcome to participate, gaining access to preferred tuition costs and strengthening the overall education of the future; something that NCU firmly believes in.

Needless to say, attending a conference can provide many wonderful opportunities for your career, so here are six reasons why you should put yourself out there and start networking:

1. Gain Inspiration for Your Profession

Quite often, your studies can become stifling or overwhelming when you're unsure of what it will lead to. There's only so much experience that the classroom can give you, so to boost your overall interest in your profession, attending a conference to gain inspiration can be a huge benefit.

By meeting others and listening to their backgrounds, you can learn new ways to achieve your career goals and take advantage of new methods of success. Plus, once you go back to your routine, you'll feel reenergized and refocused.

2. Networking Opportunities

Since NCU is online-based, it can be tough to make new friends or meet other working professionals who can present you with new opportunities. This is why putting yourself out there and getting involved with a conference is the perfect way to put your industry knowledge to the test.

When you begin to converse with others and share your experiences in the field, you immediately place your name into the ring of potential candidates who are looking for advancement. Statistics show that 85% of all jobs are filled through networking. This alone proves that making a good impression and being open to communication could land you your first job after graduating.

3. Meet Your Role Models In Person

Every conference has a lineup of keynote speakers that present their latest discoveries or ideas to the crowd. Afterwards, participants are invited to engage with these leaders and have a chance to personally learn from experts in the field.

Now, it's important to not focus on snapping a selfie or getting an autograph, and instead, you should use this opportunity to pick their brains about any fears, obstacles, or benefits they have experienced on their own journey. By meeting and learning from those you admire, you can begin to believe that your future goals are in fact possible. It's fascinating to realize that someone renowned in their field was at one point a regular grad student attending a conference for their first time. Go figure!

4. Present Your Own Research

Many conferences are geared toward student participation and presentation. Depending on what field you're in, you may be able to submit a proposal and be granted to present your own research at a booth or to an audience during a time slot.

It can be intimidating to share your findings with a room of professionals, but the takeaway is that listeners can help you understand your presentation better by posing questions about the work, making observations of your results, or simply by offering a supportive round of applause. Nobody ever wants you to go up and fail, so use the positivity and insight to hone your skills and better your knowledge for the future.

5. Try a Workshop

Just like how a daily planner helps you stay organized throughout the week, a workshop can give you insights on how to improve certain aspects of your professional or academic abilities.

Whether it's a session on time management or how to inspire creativity before a meeting, tips and tricks from industry pros can go a long way when your typical routine is dragging you down. More than ever, it's the plain fact that workshop leaders have personally experienced the throes of the American workforce; they know how to overcome everyday challenges and lead a productive, progressive career. Signing up for a workshop and learning a thing or two will make a world of difference.

6. Invest In Your Future

Although conferences can be expensive and time-consuming, you have to think of it like an investment. Rather than staying cooped up in the library or at your desk, you should find ways to gain fresh perspectives, to challenge yourself in new environments, and meet new people who can open doors to success.

Think about it. You made the initial step to enroll in school and earn an education in a field you love. You've spent countless hours studying, pushing yourself to new levels of knowledge and understanding. Attending a conference is just another step on the pathway to having the future you've always dreamed of. Don't let anxiety prevent you from making a difference in your life; choosing to participate in a conference is an investment that will always reward you because it gives you an experience that you won't find anywhere else.

NCU encourages you to get active within your areas of study. Seek new opportunities and continue to progress as you move through different stages of your degree. Their experienced staff is always available to answer any questions or to address any concerns you may have along the way.

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