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5 Great Websites Every Graduate Student Should Bookmark

When considering research tools for graduate students, one source we look to is the internet. As of late 2014, there were more than 1 billion websites in cyberspace. There is more information available in a Google search than most people can comprehend. Sometimes, however, a quick Google search may not return exactly what you’re seeking when conducting research as part of your graduate degree program. It can be challenging for graduate students to find resources that might not turn up in popular search engines, especially those that can aid in research for a course or dissertation.

Here are five websites that might prove helpful resources to graduate students while researching. Consider bookmarking these to help make life easier as you navigate your online graduate school journey.

1 | Open Dissertation Database by EBSCO

EBSCO’s American Doctoral Dissertations database is a free index to more than 172,000 theses and dissertations accepted at American universities from 1902 to the present. There are links to access the full text via the database, or the institutional repository where the thesis or dissertation is housed. This is an ideal resource for graduate students who want to see the existing research in their fields of study.

2 | Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

ERIC is an online index of academic journals and non-journal research sources. Journals include education-related articles while non-journals offer more broad-based research options. Graduate students can find resources in the non-journals section of ERIC that include work produced or funded by the U.S. Department of Education, other federal agencies, universities, research agencies, nonprofit organizations, foreign organizations, or even individuals.


iSEEK™ Education is a search engine that contains hundreds of thousands of authoritative resources from university, government, and established non-commercial providers. In addition to intelligent search, it provides a personal Web-based library that offers graduate students a resource to locate their most relevant results, and find them quickly later. 

4 | Google Scholar

Google Scholar enables graduate students a resource to search for scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources. You can find articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

5 | U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau offers volumes of data about the people and economy in the U.S. It’s a research tool that graduate students can use to find data on a variety of topics including population, housing, workforce, economy, and state and local government. Many statistical tables allow for sorting information to meet the needs of your research.