7 Books That Every Business Student Should Read

Supplementing your studies by reading business books is a move in the right direction. Reading books about business offers many benefits, to include: 1) Enhance your business vocabulary 2) Teach you common business concepts and philosophies 3) Broaden your perspective 4) Challenge your beliefs 5) Introduce you to insights and ideas that could be worth millions in the future.

What Can You Do With a Master of Science in Information Technology?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an overall growth rate of 13% from 2016 to 2026 for computer and information technology occupations, an equivalent of approximately 557,100 new jobs


Dr. Chris Applegate, 2017 Doctor of Education with an emphasis in Higher Education Leadership, will be published in the Association for the Advancement of Computing Education the second quarter of 2019. His paper is titled: Interviewing Principals to Obtain their Perceptions of Certified Teaching Candidates with a Degree from an Online Teaching Program.

What Is a Master of Science in Educational Psychology and Is It Worth It?

What can a master of science in educational psychology do for you? In this article, we explain what it is and the career options available to you upon graduation.

7 Things You Should Know When Transferring University Credits

Trying to figure out the rules and guidelines for transferring credits can certainly be frustrating regardless if you're an undergraduate or graduate student.

6 Phrases Every Social Worker Should Know

NCU is sharing some phrases that our School of Social and Behavioral Science faculty believe are essential for every social worker to know.

Take Five. A Moment with Our Alumni – Dr. Jon Coles

Here’s how Dr. Jon Coles, NCU graduate, turned his dissertation on the balancing of parental support for collegiate athletes into a winning topic for blog interviews and international podcast.

5 Most Common White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are on the rise, and they can impact their victims profoundly. We list some of the most common white collar crimes in this article.

What's Next In Technology?

Technology is the new frontier of the modern world, so discovering its trajectory is crucial to understanding what trends and possibilities are on the horizon. NCU believes in preparing its students for the future, which is why we are diving into what next in technology.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Amber Ciccanti, DBA in Criminal Justice

Dr. Amber Ciccanti, an NCU graduate with a DBA in Criminal Justice, retired as a police sergeant and today is pursuing her second passion, teaching as a full-time professor. Her experience has led her to create Calming Sirens, an event that brings together public safety officials and members of the special needs population to teach these individuals that police, fire and EMTs are not to be feared.