4 Tips on How to Become a Teacherpreneur

Are you an educator looking for ideas on how to take your commitment to your profession to the next level? This summer break, learn how to become a teacherpreneur and expand your influence in the classroom!

Definition of Teacherpreneur

What is a teacherpreneur? According to the Center for Teaching Quality, teacherpreneurs are "classroom experts [who] devote time to both teaching students and leading innovations in practice or policy."

How to Become a Teacherpreneur

While there is no exact formula for becoming a teacherpreneur, there are some great ways to start getting involved with other teachers, sharing innovative ideas, and expanding your influence inside the classroom. Here are four ideas to get you started on the path toward becoming a teacherpreneur:

Teachers Pay Teachers

As a professional educator, you know what works best in the classroom. If you have a specialized skillset that may be valuable to other educators, tell the education community by joining Teachers Pay Teachers. By joining, you'll have the ability to buy and sell original resources created by educators like you across the country.

Join a Teacherpreneur Community

Looking for other educators who are eager to impact the profession? Try finding a teacherpreneur community in your area. You can bounce ideas off other teachers, help to build your professional network and learn from educators with experience in areas you may struggle with.

Turn Your Teaching Skills into a Part-Time Job

Have you found that you're especially skilled at teaching kids who have trouble in a certain subject like math, English or history? Good news! There are millions of students across the country struggling to pass algebra, write MLA formatted papers and comprehend the details of WWII. Turn your specialized skill in to a side gig by offering next-subject level prep tutoring to students over the summer. You may just find your business booming before you know it.

Expand Your Teacherpreneur Brand

If you're struggling to find a way to get your ideas out there, try expanding your teacherpreneur brand by starting a blog. You can even get started for free on one of Digital Trends' top free blogging sites! Write about your trials and triumphs in the classroom, new ideas you have for parent engagement or whatever your passion may be.

If you're already a practicing teacherpreneur, what other suggestions do you have for educators looking to expand their influence?