3 Reasons Why Meditation Really Works

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After spending all of your time buried in books or staring at a computer screen, you may feel the need to unwind and find some peace. Unfortunately, for many people, relaxation means watching T.V. or checking social media accounts, but the truth is that your mind is still being stimulated without having an opportunity to completely reset.

Rather than hopping from one stimuli to the next, it may be worth it to immerse yourself in stillness and try something that offers profound solitude. Meditation is an ancient form of mindfulness that's been around for thousands of years. Some of the world's greatest leaders have used it to discover new ideas or prepare themselves for major milestones, and thankfully, you can take advantage of it for your own studies

Whether you're interested in the practice or simply looking for ways to de-stress, meditation offers some powerful benefits. If you're looking for a useful way to recharge your brain, then here are 3 reasons why meditation really works:

1. It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

According to researchers at Harvard University, most students' minds are occupied 47% of the time with two concerns: what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. As a result, their minds are inundated with a combination of stress and anxiety, but meditation offers some relief. 

When you focus on settling your mind, it creates a disruption to the onslaught of repetitive thoughts causing stress to surface. The process trains your brain to cutoff the stream with focused attention on a single object, word, or pattern of breath. Over time, the exercise helps you avoid becoming too absorbed in worries and more aligned with your authentic mindset. 

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2. It Helps You Stay Focused

After removing the fears that keep you bogged down, meditation is an excellent proponent to increasing your overall focus. Of course, clearing your mind serves as the foundation of peacefulness, but it also leaves plenty of room to straighten out your priorities. 

Since you have the ability to oust out negative thoughts, meditation also gives you the power to implement thoughts and ideas that are important. For instance, a particular form of meditation is classified as "Concentrative." In this process, you focus on a particular subject and revert back to it whenever your mind starts to wander. 

Corresponding this practice with study topics or review strategies for a big exam may help you alleviate the fear of doing poorly, while reinforcing your knowledge of a topic. 

3. It Boosts Productivity

Altogether, meditation generates a three-sided effect that captures a clear mind, a firm focus, and an increase in productivity. Of course, this has a lot to do with establishing a clear head, but engaging with the body also plays an important role in how well you perform on a daily basis.

In addition to silence and distraction-free settings, meditation uses several strategies that incorporate the body. Techniques like tai-chi and yoga involve slow, repetitive movements to engage with your physical presence and produce relaxation. Plus, each strike or pose is designed to trigger a particular part of the body and cause a healthy reaction. Research shows that between 2012 and 2016, the number of Americans participating in yoga or some form of mindfulness grew by 50%, and much of that growth has to do with the benefits that come along with boosting one's efficiency. 

It should come as no surprise that many companies are investing in mindfulness classes for their employees, too. Major companies have shown annual savings on healthcare costs by $2,000 per employee, while gaining an additional $3,000 per employee in productivity output, so finding a practice that works for you is sure to improve your health and breed stellar results. 

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