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3 Common Reasons Students Don't Go Back to School

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Going back to school is no joke. It’s a huge commitment that often rivals only family and work in terms of the time it requires. But if obtaining a degree is something you have always wanted to do, it’s probably high time to banish the limiting thoughts that have prevented you from taking the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

In this post, we list some of the reasons students tell themselves why they can't return to school and what former NCU students did to overcome the odds. 

Why Students Aren’t Going Back to School

“I Don’t Have the Time!”

For most people, work and family obligations already eat a good chunk of their day that there’s not much time left for anything else. Given the rigor that graduate curriculums are known for, they’ll have to think of creative ways to squeeze studying into their already packed schedules.

The solution? A flexible program that adult students can take at their convenience. Northcentral University’s curriculums (doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees) are completely online, don’t require physical residency, have weekly start dates, and allow students to obtain their degrees from the comfort of their own homes.

According to NCU alum Dr. Joe Marencik who earned his Doctor of Education in Technology Management in 2012:

"If it were not for NCU's flexible and completely online program, I would not have pursued the degree! NCU literally allowed me to earn my doctorate."

“The Tuition Is Too High!”

College and graduate programs come at a cost that’s generally hefty, which is why many think twice about going back to school. However, if you take the time to look around, there are educational institutions that offer college scholarships, student grants, and student loan help to deserving students, and NCU is one of them.

According to NCU alum Dr. John Rosa who earned his Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership in 2017:

"A doctorate degree was an option but what delayed the enrollment was trying to find a school that was both cost-effective and non-residency required; NCU fell under both requisites."

What’s more, NCU  allows new students in some programs to lock in their tuition rates for the entire program.

“What If I Fail?”

Fear of failure among returning students is common, and it’s totally understandable. College is hard enough for most people, and graduate school with the unending projects and research papers, the excruciating workload, and many months of sleepless nights won’t be any better. 

So yes, you’ll probably fail a subject or two, fail to effectively manage your time, or feel like you’ll never realize your dream. Then again, it’s not the first time that a graduate student has failed a class, or messed up their schedule, or even felt depressed for thinking they’re not going anywhere despite all the hard work and educational resources provided to them. But to obtain that coveted degree, you need to find ways to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

According to NCU alum Dr. Brian Bontempo who received his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership in 2010:

“My wife was a rock and my sons encouraged me. You have to know your support system and use them.”

Going back to school won't be easy, but hard work pays off. And NCU is committed to assisting students realize their full potential, no matter the field they choose to specialize in. For more information on our online courses, please call 866-776-0331 or fill out the form below.