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Mar 9 2023
By Nadia Harris One of the most common questions about remote work is how to keep a remote team motivated. Many leaders keep sharing concerns about the morale and behavior of their team members. This is also a hot topic on a global scale, resulting in endless discussions in social media. Many ideas are being shared such as playing Bingo or watching movies together that results in sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours. There are also ideas such as sharing small gifts with
Geraldine Woloch-Addamine
Nov 28 2022
By Geraldine Woloch-Addamine 1- The Future of Work is about TRUST to shield from the chaotic world If you learn about trust everywhere, it’s for a good reason. Trust is the ultimate emotion that can erase burnout. People at high-trust companies report 40% less burnout. How even is that possible?
Nov 15 2022
Asking the right questions to track remote team well being Every leader wants to do right by their employees, supporting them through high-intensity periods of work and particularly stressful moments so they don’t get burned out. Building an environment of general team wellbeing, however, starts with taking care of oneself. As a leader, you have to create mental space and have the emotional energy to make sure your whole workforce is supported, and this can be a challenge when you are
Geraldine Woloch-Addamine
Oct 6 2022
By Geraldine Woloch-Addamine 1- What about the Great Resignation or the economic downturn factors? The Great Resignation is not an isolated phenomenon but rather an ongoing trend - The numbers have been pretty much steady for the past few months. Even in an economic downturn, retaining top talents is critical to sustaining productivity.
Sep 16 2022
If research shows that technology has drawbacks of disconnecting students from socially interacting or interpersonal experiences (Kryeziu et al., 2021), why would an elementary dance teacher use it in their classroom? Elementary-aged dancers that practice choreographic skills at a young age using technology are covering unchartered territories that can lead to building bridges through the art of dance (Weber et al., 2021).