Enriching the Lives of the Hearing Impaired with Cochlear Implant Resources

Tanisha Smith, NCU Kick-Starter Grant recipient, understands the agony of hearing loss. A Human Resource Officer in the U.S. Army and student in NCU’s Doctor of Business Administration program, Smith has normal hearing but she witnessed the devastating impact hearing loss had on family members.

Spotlight: Women in Leadership - Sandra Lawrence, CFO and EVP, The Children’s Mercy Hospital

Author: Melissa Sledge, MBA and Department Manager - SBTM

The Women’s Business Association Community Learning platform provides opportunities for NCU students to interact with global leaders. As an example, see my interview below with Sandra Lawrence. Ms. Lawrence’s key points have been edited for brevity.

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics (CMH) in Kansas City, Sandra Lawrence, shares her insights for women navigating through the business industry.

Skill Set

Hello, Are You Listening to Me?

By Tiffany Thomas, NCU student, DBA-Organizational Leadership

As part of our Ghost Program blog series, Tiffany shares what she's learned from her "internship" with Detroit Labs

Are You the Right Fit?

By: Tiffany Thomas, NCU student, DBA-Organizational Leadership

As part of our Ghost Program blog series, Tiffany shares what she's learned from her "internship" with Detroit Labs

The Roles of Skills vs. Personality in Hiring

Developing Systems to Support Post-Incarcerated Women Who Suffer From Mental Illness to Re-Integrate into Society

As an NCU Kick-Starter Grant recipient, Patricia Zimmerman’s success came on the heels of some of the most challenging life circumstances. A former inmate of 17 years, Zimmerman had been imprisoned in three of New York’s toughest prisons for women inmates.

Preparing Your Children for College

Most parents want their children to do better in life than they did. One of the best ways to ensure economic security for our kids is to prepare them for college. The Bureau of Labor Statistics bears this out – the higher your educational attainment, the better your chances of being employed.

Since college is a desired destination for most, how can parents best ensure that their children are ready for the challenge?

NCU Announces Kick-Starter Grant Recipients

Northcentral University is pleased to announce the names of eight new students who were chosen as recipients of a $20,000 NCU Kick-Starter Grant to launch their dreams upon completion of their NCU master’s or doctoral degree program.

Grant recipients were selected on their essay submissions which described the purpose and motivations behind their dream goal and how the grant would help them achieve it. Students from all of NCU’s three Schools - Business and Technology Management, Education, and Social and Behavioral Sciences - submitted essay entries.

NCU MEd Graduate, Alana Jackson, Makes a Habit of Stepping Outside Her Comfort Zone

If attitude determines altitude, then the sky is the limit for Alana Jackson of San Antonio, Texas.

NCU Graduate, Gary Sytsma, Fulfills Lifelong Dream as a Family Therapist

Usually the caregiver helps the patient, but in the case of Gary Sytsma, a 34-year veteran respiratory therapist, it was the mother of one of his pediatric patients who helped him chart a whole new career. 

Using Psychology Principles to Motivate Your Students

Savvy teachers today make use of psychology to increase learning in the classroom. The American Psychological Association and the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education recently undertook a study to identify psychological principles that would be most beneficial in the PK-12 classroom. Both organizations have looked at how to put psychological science to work in education for more than a decade.