Scott W.M. Burrus, PhD

Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Burrus is the Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Northcentral University. He oversees the University’s five schools: the School of Business and Technology Management, the School of Education, the School of Psychology, the School of Marriage and Family Sciences, and the Graduate School. Dr. Burrus joined the faculty of Northcentral University in 2007 as an adjunct in the School of Psychology. Since then, he has held several roles, including: associate research professor; interim Dean, the School of Education; and Vice Provost of Northcentral University.

Dr. Burrus has over two decades of experience in for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations, performing student mentoring, faculty training, and facilitating best-practice-based outcomes. Dr. Burrus’ background in educational and social policy research has focused on child abuse prevention, early childhood education, program development in schools, substance use prevention and treatment, child welfare policy, juvenile justice, and cost study applications. He has worked on over 20 publicly and privately funded research studies and managed millions of dollars in grant funding that resulted in over 50 publications and conference presentations. Northcentral University is among four of the online universities he has worked for at various levels and one of six total educational institutions.

Dr. Burrus holds a doctorate in psychology and a Master of Arts in applied psychology Golden Gate University in San Francisco.