IT, communication expert's childhood dream of obtaining a PhD fulfilled at Northcentral University

"Northcentral University not only restored the hope of a poor Jamaican boy from the ghetto to one day earn a Doctorate, Northcentral allowed me to fulfill it."
-Dr. Thomas Thompson II

Having the title "Dr." in front of his name is the realization of a childhood dream for Jamaica-based communication technologies expert Thomas Thompson II.

Dr. Thompson, who was on hand with his family to receive his PhD during Northcentral University graduation ceremonies in June, has more than 24 years experience as a scholar, professor and practitioner in both the private and public sector in the West Indies. He heads IT Networks & Facilities at Fiscal Services Limited, the largest IT firm in the Caribbean.

"Northcentral University not only restored the hope of a poor Jamaican boy from the ghetto to one day earn a Doctorate, Northcentral allowed me to fulfill it," Dr. Thompson said during a special ceremony citing his research as one of this year's top three dissertations.

"I have believed in the hope and promise of higher education since I was a child," Dr. Thompson said, "and have realized its power for good from the individual to society as a whole."

Dr. Thompson himself has been a one-man positive influence on a number of levels in the Caribbean. He is overseeing the island-wide communication network and e-services infrastructure that support the Jamaican government's Revenue Services and E-Business Initiative.

He led the implementation of computer systems at Cable & Wireless Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago Telecommunication Services, Cable & Wireless Panama, and Cable & Wireless Barbados.

That degree of busy in his work life relegated getting an advanced degree to a "some day" category for several years.

"And, for a while, I'd lost all hope for getting a Doctorate," he said. "It was not possible for me to quit my livelihood while I went to school as I would have to have done were it not for Northcentral's online degree programs."

His research cited by Northcentral Assessing the Determinants of Information Technology Adoption in Jamaicas Public Sector Using the Technology Acceptance Model examines the relationship between technology advances on a society's productivity levels. He focuses on how those advances are not just hinged to the financial investment needed to make the advances available, but the necessity of the general public's acceptance of them.

"Technology needs to be a tool that complements the motivations of those who use it," he said. "It's not just having access, it's what we do with that access and how we can create opportunity for ourselves, our families and society."

Dr. Thompson was a Dissertation of the Year award winner at the June 2011 Northcentral University commencement. He earned his PhD in Business and Technology Management specializing in Management Information Systems.

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