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Mission, Vision, Values, & Strategic Plan


Northcentral University educates professionals throughout the world and provides an accessible opportunity to earn a U.S. regionally accredited degree. Northcentral mentors students one-to-one with highly credentialed faculty via advanced delivery modalities. Northcentral commits to helping students achieve academically and become valuable contributors to their communities and within their professions.


Northcentral University is a premier online graduate university and a global leader in providing unprecedented access to U.S. regionally accredited higher education.


I.D.E.A.S. Founded on INTEGRITY

We hold all members of our community to the highest ethical standards of professional and academic conduct and the rules and regulations of U.S. higher education.

Innovation: We envision new and innovative education delivery systems, and support proven concepts of teaching and learning. We encourage our community to seek solutions to educational challenges that will improve the quality of our programs and services.

Diversity: Northcentral University celebrates the diversity of thought, action, and cultural groups within our community and are committed to equity for all people. We act on our belief that the educational journey will be enhanced if it is diverse in nature by actively promoting respect and understanding for different cultures, social groups and experiences.

Excellence: Our community is committed to excellence in academics and service. We value leadership and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do. We define and measure outcomes and take action to ensure that our community's passion for excellence is never compromised.

Accountability: We are deeply committed to holding each member of the University responsible for their scholarly and professional work. We expect financial responsibility in the actions of our students and University team.

Social Justice: We recognize the socio-political history that shapes access to power and privilege as well as the experiences of oppression. We commit to policies, practices, and behaviors that lead to equitable outcomes and opportunities for all.

Our NCU Logo

NCU Latin

NCU logoUnus Ad Unum (One-to-One): This signifies our one-to-one teaching model where faculty provide individualized feedback and inspirational modeling that enables students to meet course and program outlines.

Doctrina (Education): Translates to education, learning, science, teaching, instruction or principles. It’s a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as the body of teachings in a branch of knowledge or belief system.

Per Experientiam (By Experience): Northcentral is committed to enhancing all of our courses toward an applied experiential learning approach – providing our students with an education they can directly apply to their chosen field.

MCMXCVI (1996): The year of our birth – when Northcentral was founded


NCU: On the Move is a reflection of Northcentral University today. Whether it’s moving our headquarters, enhancing our technology, supporting our students, or helping to fund faculty research, NCU is moving ahead. Our four strategies: Personalization, Student Completion, Diversification, and Graduate Culture, hold the promise of a bright future for our institution and its many constituents. We are excited to pursue these strategies with you, and look forward to great accomplishments in the years ahead.

Strategic Plan Pillars

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