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At Northcentral University, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity in education through our faculty and student body, which is distributed around the world. As a University, we embrace the value of equity in education and aim to maintain varied, inclusive representation among our faculty, team members and students. We support the diverse nature of our community by creating an environment in which the members of our global community experience educational growth, success and feel connected by a common thread: NCU.


Diversity is an important part of Northcentral University’s model and mission. The University’s mission is to provide an accessible opportunity in an online format to qualified applicants. This accessibility removes many barriers preventing diverse and historically underserved populations from accessing a regionally accredited graduate level education. The Bylaws of the University Board of Trustees specifically commit the University to diversity. To further demonstrate our commitment to diversity in our University and curriculum, the Board of Trustees endorses and adopts the WASC Equity and Inclusion Policy as a guiding principle in our pursuit of diversity.


Northcentral University celebrates the diversity of thought, action, and cultural groups within our community and are committed to equity for all people. We act on our belief that the educational journey will be enhanced if it is diverse in nature by actively promoting respect and understanding for different cultures, social groups and experiences.

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Northcentral University’s definition of diversity encompasses multiple dimensions. We use the NCU Diversity Wheel to demonstrate the intersectionality of those dimensions. We believe diversity includes all aspects of one’s identity including but not limited to internal dimensions such as gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, etc.; community dimensions like marital status, education, religion, language, etc.; life experience dimensions such as experiencing historical events, personal history of abuse or prosperity, various living or employment situations, etc.; and current NCU institutional dimensions such as roles (e.g., student, staff, faculty, governing board, administrators, and stakeholders), school or department association, organizational position, etc. We believe that all aspects make up ones diverse identity and enrich the university.


Our Statement
We believe the definition of diversity is ever-changing. As such, diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competence represent an evolution of thought and experience, rather than a definable competency to master. We recognize that this definition is likely to change as we learn more about the various individuals that are represented amongst our community. Our current definition of diversity encompasses multiple dimensions and the intersectionality of those dimensions, acknowledging the internal, community, social, and institutional forces that shape each individual.

Our People
We are a pluralistic community and we take pride in the diversity of our members. We aim to have representation among our members (faculty, staff, students) in terms of socioeconomic status, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, nation of origin, educational background, ability, etc. We respect that our community represents different values, backgrounds, perspectives and identities. We value collegiality and encourage people who represent different groups to come together to share ideas in order to enrich our community and programmatic offerings.

Our Environment
We are committed to equity in education and strive to create an environment in which all members of our community are retained, graduate, feel connected, and thrive. NCU views access as a significant equity issue and uses its technology platforms and institutional policies to remove barriers to quality education. Our one-to-one model promotes intensive engagement between individual faculty and students. We prioritize the individual and the relationship. We strive to facilitate an environment where differences are celebrated, subconscious biases are examined, and everyone has an opportunity to positively examine their own identity with humility and curiosity.


In support of NCU's commitment to overall diversification, we established a Diversity Committee to place greater attention on diversity-related initiatives. This committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss initiatives, share ideas and ensure a consistent emphasis is being placed on diversity and inclusion throughout the University as a whole. Initiatives include, but are not limited to fostering positive engagement within global and local communities, promoting policies and practices, enhancing program offerings in alignment with Northcentral's global vision and working to remove barriers to quality education.