Staying Connected

Just because you aren't sharing a beaker in chem. class or trading Twinkies for Twizzlers across a lunch table doesn't mean that online education leaves you without peer connections. At Northcentral University, networking and interaction with other Students is an imperative part of the online learning experience. Each Student at the accredited online university has access to the Student Web Portal, which through a series of functions, allows students access to discussion boards and chat rooms. There, they are able to discuss assignments, ask questions and develop valuable connections with one another, even though they may be a continent away from each other rather than across a desk. The Student Portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

"I could access the learning portal at any place, and I did," explains John Czerwinski, a Northcentral University PhD graduate. "I could not have done this in a brick-and-mortar environment."

In addition to facilitating Student interaction, the Student Portal at Northcentral University allows students to view submitted assignments complete with feedback from their faculty mentorsas well as consult the syllabus and communicate with academic advisors to plan upcoming courses and determine graduation schedules.

"At Northcentral University, the Student Portal provides a wonderful place, and an easy place, to navigate," says Northcentral University faculty mentor Melanie Shaw. "Students can access their coursework, find resources at the library, view their course plan and interface with a mentor."

With the Student Portal, Students can ask their faculty mentor a question and receive a response more quickly than if required to make an appointment and visit their office in person. For queries requiring an immediate response, the Student Portal supplies the resources necessary for Students to seek their own solutions.

"Northcentrals computer platform allows Students to access the latest scientific information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," says Dr. William Reay, chair of the Mental Health Counseling program at Northcentral University. "So when a practitioner is faced with a problem that they are not sure how to solve, they can immediately go online and find the solutions and the technology to create a solution."

Consider an education that allows you to find the resources you need and connect with peers from anywhere, anytime. Neither Twinkies nor table are required.

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