Education Specialist Degree

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NCU’s Education Specialist (EdS) degree program offers you the chance to advance in your chosen field or to embark on a new career through a 33 credit hour course of study in selected specializations within the School of Education. If you are a K-12 education professional seeking to develop additional skills and expand your knowledge beyond the master’s degree level—Northcentral University’s new EdS degree program is a great option for you.

PURPOSE: Provide you with the opportunity to achieve a post-master’s applied degree in one of 12 specializations to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be competitive in your market as a specialist in your field.

If you want to know more about a certain subject within education, but do not need a doctorate, NCU’s online EdS degree program is for you. This program gives you the opportunity to develop the same specialized knowledge that you would find in NCU’s EdD program, but without the requirement to write a dissertation.

From focusing on becoming a more capable leader in K-12 education through our Educational Leadership program, to developing the knowledge and skills you need to make effective decisions supporting student learning in our Curriculum and Teaching program, NCU’s 12 specializations give you the perfect opportunity to pursue an education that is relevant to your career goals.

See the NCU Catalog for more information about transferring EdS credits towards the NCU EdD program.

OUTCOMES: Throughout this program, you will develop expertise in a specialized field of inquiry through a graduate experience of reflective practice that is intellectually stimulating, professionally relevant, and that supports systematic decision making and problem solving around key issues facing education.

Through this education experience, you will further develop your communication, decision making and problem solving skills. You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire sound principles and techniques essential to working effectively in a wide range of instructional or organizational settings
  • Analyze and solve educational and/or organizational problems
  • Develop educational theory through the generation of new knowledge or the reformulation of existing knowledge
  • Prepare for doctoral study through the development of expertise in a specific area of study should you choose to further advance your education

ACHIEVEMENTS: As an EdS graduate, you will join a thriving community of scholars working to make a difference in education.

Many students who complete an EdS degree become specialists in their fields where they use the knowledge and skills learned in the program to meet a variety of educational goals set by their employers.

Students are strongly recommended to check with their state and districts regarding their local licensure requirements and applicability of our programs.