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The world needs qualified teachers who are committed to playing an important role in shaping and educating young minds. If you are a Rio Salado College (RSC) student interested in completing your degree work and going on to become a certified teacher in the state of Arizona, this program is for you. Whether you envision yourself teaching a variety of important subjects to diverse elementary-aged students, focusing on teaching a single subject to middle and high school kids, or making a difference by teaching children with special needs, the Northcentral University Bachelor of Education degree completion program can help you complete your degree work for the teaching profession.

PURPOSE: Provide you with an opportunity to earn an online Bachelor of Education degree and Teacher Certification for the State of Arizona in one of three distinct specializations: Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Special Education.

Northcentral University’s BEd 3+1 degree completion program makes it possible for you to start your degree at the community college level and complete it online at the university level. This unique program is the only one of its kind certified by the Arizona Department of Education.

OUTCOMES: Throughout the program, you will enhance your knowledge, competency and professional skill set needed to perform successfully in the K-12 environment.

The BEd program at NCU will help facilitate your transition to becoming a qualified teacher by encouraging and supporting your professional growth and development as a reflective practitioner, effective leader and skilled communicator in a diverse educational environment. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with educational theory and best practices, while integrating multiple perspectives related to race, gender, individual differences, and ethical and cultural perspectives into teaching.

See the NCU Course Catalog for student outcomes you will have obtained upon completion of this program.

ACHIEVEMENTS: As a Northcentral University BEd graduate, you will be prepared to become a K-12 teacher with experience in technology and the latest teaching methods for your area of interest.

Upon completion of this program, you will have completed the education requirements to pursue your teaching certification in the state of Arizona.