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MFT: Reaching Milestones – and Moving Forward – Positively Impacting Our Communities

Welcome to the second issue of Higher Degrees and the first in which the Marriage and Family Therapy Program has an official “home” in the newsletter.  I am eager to tell you about all of the exciting things happening in the MFT program and especially talk to you about everything that happened in the month of June.

First, let me start out by saying that on June 9, I attended my seventh graduation at Northcentral University.  The best part for me is getting to meet all of the graduates.  They all have such amazing stories of struggle and triumph that truly reinforce our mission: to educate professionals around the world helping them to become valuable contributors to their communities and within their professions.  Graduation is the realization of their goals and dreams and I can honestly say that the experience gets better and better every year.  This year, we reached an important milestone in the MFT program; we had our first PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy graduate, Laurie Ferguson.  Learn about Dr. Ferguson and her journey in the MFT Feature Story link on the left.

The MFT program at NCU has traveled a journey of its own.  We’ve grown immensely as an institution over the last seven years, and the same can be said of the MFT program.  Since the beginning of the program our primary focus has been to provide an accessible, well designed, regionally accredited MFT program.  We’ve followed national standards and are pursuing COAMFTE accreditation.  Our program is designed to provide an alternative to a campus-based program, the traditional approach to MFT education. 

This past month, the Marriage and Family Therapy Faculty Team came together to ask ourselves one question:  How are we doing?  We took a step back to look at the overall picture and then zoomed in to evaluate program growth, quality of curriculum, accreditation, and faculty credentialing and training.  Every aspect of the program was reviewed and evaluated and we’re glad to report that the initiatives we’ve implemented are making positive impact on our students’ learning.  We are meeting and exceeding benchmarks set for the program in all areas: student learning, curriculum, faculty credentialing.  To put it simply—we are thriving! 

What’s even more important than how far we’ve come is that we’ve identified some areas for improvement and are learning from the process and each other.   It is refreshing to work with such an amazing team of faculty members who have student success in mind! And our students and alumni are doing just that:  succeeding!  

I look forward to using this vehicle to keep students and alumni informed of the “happenings” of the MFT Program at NCU and to share with you more success stories like the one of Dr. Ferguson.  Together we will continue to make a positive impact in the Marriage and Family Therapy profession and in communities around the world.

My Best,
Dr. Branden Henline, MFT Program Chair

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