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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance
The Key to Attacking Your Day and Accomplishing Your Goals

Today we have more events and activities to manage than ever before. We find ourselves wired 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with multiple demands, and hardly a chance to catch our breath!

Northcentral University students and alumni alike know that balancing personal and professional responsibilities with your educational goals is sometimes easier said than done. As you move forward in your journey to achieving your goal of graduating and earning that degree, it becomes increasingly important to develop and maintain a Work-Life Balance.  And if you have already graduated, you know that demands on your time do not subside just because you’ve walked across the stage—it just means you’ve added something different to your plate.

Mark Woods of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You! has developed a new training program with William Guillory titled, Work-Life Integration, which examines this work-life balance.

“The old way of thinking had us dividing our work and personal life with an imaginary line and trying to equally divide time between the two. For most people, that simply doesn’t work anymore,” explains Woods. “The new paradigm is for us to see our work and personal life as one life, with work and personal activities integrated throughout the 24-hour day.”

Are you ready for a balanced life?

According to Woods, “The key here is learning to balance short-term professional aspirations, such as wealth, title, reputation, position, advancement, etc., with those enduring personal values, such as quality of family life, the well-being of one’s self, academics, or contribution to the growth and welfare of others.

Life balance is achieved by appropriately allocating time and energy to the activities in each of the following four main categories:

As you plan and arrange your day, select at least one activity in each category that supports your personal and professional goals that are in line with your innermost values.

Woods defines innermost values as, “The core beliefs that define who you are when you are being honest with yourself and authentic in your relationships with others.” 

Innermost values include the following criteria:

Woods and Guillory suggest taking a personal inventory as the first step toward achieving work-life balance. “It will help you clarify what’s missing in your life from a quality perspective,” explains Woods. “With more clarity, you can begin to fill in the gaps and achieve the quality of life you want and deserve.”

Mark Woods is the creator of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You! He provides valuable time management resources to the Northcentral family, with more than 2,000 students and faculty taking advantage of Mark’s strategies to date. Students and faculty who are interested in learning more can visit: to register for NCU Attack Your Day training.

*The content from this article is from the NEW training program “Work-Life Integration”, created by William Guillory and Mark Woods.

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