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Northcentral University: Welcoming Pioneers in Online Education

Timothy Mundell Travels Full Circle at NCU – First Taking the Plunge as a Doctoral candidate – and now, working as a an Adjunct Professor in the School of Education

Timothy W. Mundell, Ed.D., is currently the Principal at Southampton High School in Long Island, NY, and we catch up with him at the dinner table after another long, yet rewarding day at work.

“As a high school principal, every day is a crazy day,” laughs Mundell. “You just have to be ready for anything!”
Mundell’s road to success has been paved with a lot of hard work, a great sense of humor, and a solid foundation in the field of education with BA, MA, and CAS degrees obtained at SUNY, culminating with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Northcentral’s School of Education.

Originally, Mundell enrolled in the prestigious doctoral program at St. John’s, but as a busy school administrator and school board member who was also involved in several community organizations, Mundell soon realized that a traditional face-to-face university and their regimented structure would not work with his hectic life.

“Almost on a lark, I responded to an ad for Northcentral University that I had come across in Educational Leadership magazine,” relates Mr. Mundell. “I soon found that NCU was reasonable financially, and the content of their courses and the educational rigor demanded to complete the courses was very similar to what I had experienced at St. John’s.”
Mundell believes that the secret to Northcentral’s success is that the institution is very self-reflective and is constantly striving to improve itself across all structures and processes – moving forward in a logical order so that in turn, students can reach their goals.

“At the bricks-and-mortar campus, there was very little support,” notes Mundell. “At Northcentral, there’s a ton of support, and faculty mentors are expected to provide guidance and communication to their learners.”

To complete his Education Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership, Mundell completed his dissertation study entitled “Principal Leadership in a Middle School Culture.” He soon after joined Northcentral as an adjunct professor, and he works teaching, guiding, and facilitating doctoral learners through qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research courses in preparation for the dissertation sequence. He also serves on dissertation committees to review concept papers, dissertation proposals, and dissertation manuscripts, as well as serving as dissertation committee chair to coordinate, facilitate, and advocate for student research and milestone paper development.

“NCU has a clear process combined with the support that students need to achieve their goals, but there are extremely high standards – and expectation levels are high,” explains Mundell. “It’s an exciting time for education and Northcentral is truly a pioneer in online education – consistently delivering quality instruction.”

Mundell has been a Disney Teacher of the Year nominee, as well as a Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. Outside of the classroom, Mundell is interested in sports, serving as a baseball and football coach for local little league teams, and he also enjoys reading, exercising, cooking, and sharing time with friends and family.

As a high school Principal, Mundell some days leaves his home at 5:30 a.m., not to return until 11:00 p.m. at night, and he continues to believe that NCU’s asynchronous environment is a critical component to busy professionals completing their advanced degrees while maintaining a busy life.

“I advise students to check out Northcentral and compare it to other programs,” says Mundell. “This is how education is now being delivered. Look at cost – look at flexibility – and I believe that you’ll find Northcentral offers a tremendous bargain and great support to help you fulfill your dreams.”

Mundell is proud to be a part of a university that is continually molding and adapting itself to better serve its students.
“There are lots of changes in the education field and people are looking to change themselves,” notes Mundell. “NCU provides a ‘crimp in the hourglass,’ allowing busy professionals to study on their own schedules, while being constantly supported, but there a VERY rigorous expectations.”

Mundell also thinks that the days of the myth that online education is the easy way out are officially over.
“We may be pioneers, but the structure, organization, and expectations at times exceed what can be provided at traditional institutions,” communicates an enthusiastic Mundell. “I was far more satisfied with the education that I received at Northcentral.”

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