Marriage and Family Therapy MA


Marriage and Family Therapy MA

The Marriage and Family Therapy Master of Arts (M.A.) degree program is focused on developing the skills and personal and professional growth that are required for effective practice in the field of marriage and family therapy. The program is designed to provide an integrated learning experience for adult Students seeking specific training in the profession of marriage and family therapy. Students in this program will critically analyze a broad range of theories and practical knowledge in marriage and family therapy. Degree requirements also include involvement in ongoing clinical work and supervision. This training prepares Students for therapeutic and educational work in a variety of settings including mental health centers, public service agencies, correctional institutions, industry, medical settings, and private practice. Graduates of the master's level program will be well prepared to begin the process of seeking licensure in their home state or area.

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy Degree Plan - 45 Credit Hours

Foundations - 18 Credit Hours
MFT5101 Foundations for Graduate Study in MFT
MFT5102 Ethics and Professional Development
MFT5103 Systemic Evaluation and Case Management
MFT5104 Treatment Planning and Traditional Family Therapy
MFT5105 Recovery-Oriented Care and Postmodern Family Therapy
MFT5106 Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice
Required General Family Therapy Courses - 18 Credit Hours
MFT6101 Lifespan Individual and Family Development
MFT6102 Psychopathology, Diagnosis, and Systemic Treatment
MFT6103 Cultural Diversity, Gender, and Family Therapy
MFT6104 Family Therapy with Children
MFT6105 Couple Therapy
MFT6106 Families in Crisis
Clinical Experience Requirements - 9 Credit Hours
MFT6951 MFT Practicum I
MFT6952 MFT Practicum II
MFT6991 MFT Internship I
MFT6992 MFT Internship II*
MFT6995 MFT Internship and Capstone Presentation*

NOTE: While the Marriage and Family Therapy specialization requires only 45 Credit Hours to graduate, some Students may need additional specific courses or additional credit hours in order to meet state licensure requirements. These courses can be selected from relevant Marriage and Family Therapy courses as needed.