Bachelor of Education (BEd)

The Bachelor of Education(BEd) Pathway to Teacher Certification 3+1 Degree Completion Program is designed to serve as the undergraduate degree completion program for transfer students of Rio Salado College(RSC), Maricopa County, Tempe, Arizona. Northcentral University's School of Education offers the final upper level undergraduate education courses needed for undergraduate degree completion.
This collaborative educational partnership provides Students the opportunity to earn an accredited online bachelor degree in education including the required credits necessary to apply for Arizona Elementary, Secondary and Special Education Teacher Certification at an accredited, flexible online university.

  • All required teacher education and general education course work is taken at Rio Salado College and transferred as a 90 credit block to NCU.
  • The 10 upper division courses required for degree completion may be taken in any sequence.


The objectives of the Bachelor of Education degree program are to:

  1. Provide students upper-level degree completion courses that enhance their knowledge, competency, and professional skill sets needed to perform successfully in the K-12 environment.
  2. Familiarize students with theoretical paradigms and research models to support their professional practice as educators.
  3. Offer students opportunities to analyze and critique their instructional practice to improve student achievement.
  4. Enable students to integrate educational theory into best pedagogical practices.
  5. Encourage and support students' professional growth and development as reflective practitioners, effective leaders, and skilled communicators within a  global environment.
  6. Facilitate students' transition from student to teacher.
  7. Accurately integrate multiple perspectives related to diversity.

120 credit hours

  • 51 credits in teacher education (Rio Salado College)
  • 39 credits in General Education (Rio Salado College)
  • 30 credits Education (NCU) ED4000-4009

It is assumed that all RSC transfer students engaged in this partnership completion program are BEd degree seeking students who upon program completion are qualified to sit for the Arizona State Teacher Certification. Upon completing all course and program requirements, students are eligible to receive an Arizona Institutional Recommendation.

It is important to note that the Arizona Teaching Certificate may be recognized by other state education departments. Nonetheless, certification procedures do vary and Students are urged to contact their target jurisdictions for specifics well in advance of application to see if their accredited online bachelor degree in education will be recognized.

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