MBA Tuition

Comparing the Cost of Your Investment

The MBA is one of the most competitive degrees available. With all the options you have to choose from, it’s important that you get all the facts before you make your decision, including finding out how much the program is going to cost.

Invest in Yourself with a Competitively Priced MBA from NCU

One of the differences between Northcentral University’s tuition costs and many other institutions is that we’ve adopted an inclusive tuition model. What this means is that your cost per course includes all the costs related to your course or degree program, such as registration  and our online Library resources. This way, when you’re calculating the total cost of your program, you don’t have to scour a course catalog for obscure pages listing additional fees you have to pay. At Northcentral, there are no hidden fees or costs. You pay separately for things not associated with your coursework, such as cost of application, tuition finance fees, official transcript copies, and cap and gown.

Our graphic below illustrates Northcentral's ability to provide you with competitive, inclusive tuition rates while upholding a high standard of academic quality and commitment to student success.

Total Program Tuition Comparison

Total Program Tuition was calculated by taking the degree program’s maximum credits x cost per credit.  Degree programs used for this comparison are: NCU – MBA; Capella – MBA-Business Administration; University of Phoenix – MBA; Walden – MBA.  Institutions may charge additional degree program costs such as technology fees, resources fees and books.  NCU’s Total Program Tuition is inclusive of all fees and charges, except for books. All rates are subject to change. Total Program Tuition is based on information obtained from referenced institutions' websites on October 5, 2012 and is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.  

What about books?

We do not include the cost of textbooks in tuition at NCU for a very simple reason: Textbooks aren’t getting any cheaper! We encourage you to shop around and acquire new or used textbooks from a variety of online sources that can help you further lower the cost of your education.

Learn more about NCU’s competitively priced degree programs, including preferred tuition rates for students in the armed forces, by visiting our Tuition page.

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