Costs of an Online Education Versus a Traditional Education

An advanced education is a valuable investment to any individuals personal portfolio. Like all investments, the key is to get the maximum return with the minimum amount of dollars. As an accredited university, Northcentral University produces graduates with degrees that have the same value as those from a brick-and-mortar institution, but at a much smaller financial risk.

The tuition costs at Northcentral University are substantially lower than the average spent in tuition and fees at a traditional university. At Northcentral University, a Student seeking a bachelors degree pays only $1,190 per course (all inclusive pricing excluding books).  To simplify the investment further, the university allows Students to pay through a variety of payment plans. Students can pay by course, by month or in full at any time in their program.

However, there are other costs to be considered. At a brick-and-mortar institution, Students can expect to spend up to $1000 per semester on books.  At Northcentral University, it is estimated that Students will spend around $100 per course on books, a cost that is lessened by the online infrastructure of the curriculum.  In fact, Northcentral University Students have access to a digital library that contains thousands of e-books, articles and databases to support their education endeavors.

In addition to books and tuition, online education saves Students money by eliminating campus transportation, fuel costs, expensive campus housing and costly meal plans.
"Economically, Northcentral University stands on its own," concurs Gregory Bradley, Dean of Academic Research.  "We are online, but this flexibility should not be confused with diluted academic quality."

As an accredited online institution, Northcentral University is able to produce the level of rigorous programs and prepared graduates as that yielded by traditional institutions, at a fraction of the cost.  Invest in your future; check out Northcentral University today by visiting, or calling 1-866-776-0331 for further information about tuition, fees and financial aid.

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