Scott Burrus, PhD

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." John Dewey

For nearly two decades, Dr. Scott Burrus has been involved in program development, management, evaluation, social policy research, and consultation. His experience includes program technical assistance, multi-site project management, research design, data and database management, data collection methods, and quantitative and qualitative methods analysis and policy and practice reporting focused on data utilization. Dr. Burrus primary content areas includes child abuse prevention, early childhood education, program development in schools, substance use prevention and treatment, child welfare policy, juvenile justice, and cost study applications.

Dr. Burrus is committed to Northcentral University's Mission, which includes the application of progressive educational methodologies in the tradition of John Dewey. Burrus also holds a deep respect for diversity, particularly recognizing each individual's unique learning styles and abilities, while at the same time exploring opportunities for deeply engaged applied education. With this foundation, Dr. Burrus believes that education is not just about the end goal, which is important, but education may accelerate a continual process that can lead to fulfilling one’s purpose.

With a depth of knowledge on a range of academic administrative areas, including, but not limited to course design, faculty training and education program improvement, Dr. Burrus has worked at various levels for a number of educational institutions (including brick and mortar, online, private, and public), bringing a multifaceted perspective to Northcentral's student success.

Burrus currently lives in Scottsdale with his amazing family, which includes his wife Louisa, and two beautiful daughters, Annie and Maiya. Knowing that education is a process of continually learning, family is where the truth of John Dewey’s statement is lived out most for Scott as he learns something new each day as he parents his children and partners with his spouse. On the weekend, you will find Scott either at Annie and Maiya’s soccer game, or working toward his skydiving certification.

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