Lee Smith's journey from Student to leadership

In Lee Smith’s case, the student truly became the teacher. Or more accurately, the Student became the Dean. Smith was named Dean of the School of Business and Technology Management of Northcentral University after earning his own PhD in Business Management from the institution. This perspective, including holding positions as associate professor and member of the board of trustees at Northcentral, has given Smith a unique appreciation for the university that has fueled his journey from Student to leadership.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and an MBA in Business Management, Smith elected to pursue a Doctoral degree from Northcentral. This was mainly because of the faculty and staff’s focus on creating the optimal education experience, an experience geared toward the transformation of professional to executive, of Student to leader — something he truly believes and something he has truly lived.

"I believe the vision of Northcentral University is to prepare Students to become leaders,” said Smith who can talk the talk because he has literally walked the walk of each Northcentral University Student. He is proof of how an advanced degree can catalyze a professional’s career.

"Many of our Students are in their careers, and doing quite well,” Smith says. "But they are running up against that brick wall where they need additional skill sets and they need that degree to catapult them to the next level.”

In addition to earning an advanced degree, Smith emphasizes that to become a meaningful leader, a professional must also embrace ethical business practices. Smith, who has led workshops on business ethics, commends the University’s dedication to this concept by offering a variety of these programs such as marketing ethics, ethics in athletics and ethics in business.

Smith’s own trek to leadership has been encouraged by his personal experiences, as well as his education. He has a strong background in customer service and is dedicated to serving his community by volunteering with a series of nonprofit groups.

To learn more about Dean Smiths leadership peers or how to become a Student at Northcentral University, visit www.ncu.edu.