Alcohol and Drug Policy

Northcentral University is concerned about the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances as it affects Students, all Faculty and staff. Northcentral complies with all federal, state, and local laws concerning usage, and is committed to a policy that requires healthy and lawful choices regarding the use of alcohol and drugs in regards to any activities of Northcentral. As a virtual institution with no physical campus, the Alcohol and Drug policy generally pertains to Faculty Mentors and staff housed at Northcentral’s offices in Prescott, Arizona, to Students who visit Northcentral’s offices, and to Northcentral University-sponsored activities in other locations. However, it is expected that Students will obey their own local and state laws, in addition to federal laws pertaining to alcohol, illegal drugs and controlled substances, in accordance with the Student’s Code of Conduct.

Use of alcohol, illegal drugs and controlled substances, whether on or off the job, can adversely affect an employee’s work performance, efficiency, safety and health. In addition, the use or possession of these substances on the job constitutes a potential danger to the welfare and safety of other staff, and exposes Northcentral to the risks of property loss or damage. Furthermore, the use of prescription drugs and/or over-the-counter drugs may also affect an employee’s job performance and seriously impair the employee’s value to Northcentral.

The following rules and standards of conduct apply to all staff, either on Northcentral property or during the business day. Northcentral University strictly prohibits:

• Possession or use of alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol while on the job.
• Driving a Northcentral vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.
• Conviction for the distribution, sale or purchase of an illegal or controlled substance while on the job, or off-duty.
• Possession or use of an illegal or controlled substance, or being under the influence of an illegal or controlled substance, while on the job.

Northcentral will encourage and assist staff with chemical dependencies (alcohol or drug) to seek treatment and/or rehabilitation. Northcentral is not obligated, however, to continue to employ any person whose job performance is impaired because of alcohol or drug use, nor is Northcentral obligated to re-employ any person who has participated in treatment and/or rehabilitation if that person’s job performance remains impaired as a result of dependency. Rehabilitation is an option for an employee who acknowledges a chemical dependency, and voluntarily seeks treatment to end the dependency.

Questions regarding Northcentral’s Alcohol and Drug abuse policy should be addressed to