NCU is on Social Media... Are You?

Get Connected!

Northcentral University is comprised of thousands of students, faculty, alumni and administrative team members who are engaged in their communities and professions. It seems there is always something exciting going on at NCU, whether it's news of an alumnus achieving tenure at his or her university, a new faculty member joining the NCU team or speaking at a national conference, or the latest NCU graduation in Arizona.

Through social media, you can discover the latest University news and events, connect with fellow students, alumni and faculty, and share your NCU experience with the world.  

Participate in our latest social media campaign! This is a fun way to learn a little more about the NCU community. The community votes for their favorite entry and the winner receives a prize!

Past Campaigns

The Northcentral University Facebook page is a hub for communication within the NCU community. You can engage with other NCU students, faculty and alumni, put faces to names of faculty and students, and share your opinions and experiences.  You can also learn about upcoming events, and view NCU testimonials, articles and multimedia as they are posted.

Connect in 140 characters or less! Northcentral University’s Twitter page gives you a place to ask questions, get answers and connect with members of the NCU community around the world. 

LinkedIn is a great place to see what Northcentral University students, alumni and faculty are up to in the educational and professional careers. See how others are putting their NCU education to work and network with students, alumni and faculty in your field!

NCU Blog
The Northcentral University blog is a great place to learn more about studying online, the latest trends in the fields related to NCU programs, and valuable tips and tricks for just about anything. We also post articles just for fun so keep checking back or subscribe! You never know what you may find. 

The Northcentral University YouTube channel contains all of NCU’s multimedia. You can learn about new programs, familiarize yourself with Northcentral University’s Mission, Vision and Values, see videos from the latest graduation ceremony, and watch alumni and faculty shares their experiences and opinions of what makes NCU great.

Northcentral University is on Google+, add us to your circles to stay up to date with all things NCU.