Online university’s campus — the only thing that’s not online

Every college student dreams of graduation and the moment when they thoughtfully grasp their hard-earned diploma and the new opportunities it represents (while simultaneously hoping they don’t trip and sprawl across the stage). However, for those who have earned their advanced degree from an online institution, this ceremony can be either lacking both pomp and circumstance, or is absent altogether. Online education is known for convenience and flexibility; although this often comes without some of the traditions included at a brick-and-mortar institution campus, such as walking at graduation, or receiving advice from an academic advisor. Northcentral University combines the best of online and the best of traditional with its unique campus.

While its programs are 100% online, Northcentral University also has a physical campus, located in Arizona (not cyberspace). The campus is comprised of two buildings in Prescott Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona. Each June Students from around the world gather at the campus to attend Northcentral University’s graduation ceremony. In addition to hosting these commencement festivities, the campus houses administrative departments, including advisement and enrollment, which reside in their 8,000-square-foot center. The expansion was fueled by the staggering growth in Student enrollment, bringing total Student enrollments to more than 8,000.

 "Enrollments are up significantly and, in fact, they have doubled over the last three years,” Eric Stoddard, Chief Enrollment Officer explained. "Managing these enrollments while responding to the growing number of questions from prospective Students, requires that we expand to meet our applicants’ needs.”

 The campus is also home to offices of the president, provost and deans who meet to discuss how to better serve this increasing Student population. Their work, and the resources offered at Northcentral University campus headquarters, allows more Students than ever before to achieve their goal of clutching a diploma and seizing opportunities. Although they can’t do much to eliminate tripping, each student is on their own in that area.