What Lies on the Other Side of Online

Your finger approaches the mouse, poised and hovering over the submit button. The last few days have been spent developing, refining and polishing your latest assignment for your Northcentral University  online course, and once the button is pressed the project leaves your capable hands and goes…where?  What—or who—lies at the other end of those cables connected to the computer, waiting for the assignment to arrive? What lies on the other side of online education?

Northcentral University—an accredited educational institution offering different levels of degrees in a variety of fields, is sought after by Students because of its approachable tuition costs and flexible schedule. These advantages are possible because of the university’s use of technical and online advances, so Students may be surprised when they learn that waiting on the other side of online is a resource devoid of cords or microchips—a mentor. 

Every Student at Northcentral University receives a faculty mentor for each course they are enrolled in.  These mentors are experienced professionals in their respective fields, and trained in using online methods to prepare Students for meaningful careers. The mentors grade and deliver feedback to Students individually as they receive the assignments. While Students are given a syllabus with the assignments at the beginning of the course, they are able to determine the due dates according to their own pace.

"At Northcentral University, having a one-on-one educational experience allows our Students to feel very connected to the institution, as well as the faculty mentors,” explains university president Clinton Gardner. "We don’t teach in a covert model, we teach one Student at a time.”

And while cords are not the only thing on the other side of online, you aren’t alone on your side either. Northcentral University offers Students the opportunity to connect with other Students in their program through chat rooms and discussion groups.  The support to each Student does not end here, however.

"The promise that we have at Northcentral University, to each one of our Students is to make sure we provide them with the highest quality education, the service to match that education, and to always be available to them when they need us,” continues President Gardner. "And if that means they need a response from the president’s office, they are going to get that from me.

So go ahead, hit that submit button, the other side of online is waiting for you to begin your learning experience.