Job Training and Career Consulting — Poised to Grow and Ready to Hire

With economic uncertainty now a familiar reality to professionals, seeking a job with security and growth potential is a necessity. Interestingly enough, that security may come from helping others find their dream job. Among these sought-after opportunities are positions in the field of Job Training and Career Consulting, recently slated as one of the top six industries of 2011 by Inc. magazine.

The magazine explained that with boosts from government funding and the surging emphasis on specific skill training, this industry is expected to have revenue growth of more than three percent in the next year. This results in thousands of dollars more in income each year for those holding these positions.

Professionals in the job training and career consulting field can expect to spend their time guiding others on how to most effectively apply their specific skills, interests and qualifications toward long-term success.

There are a variety of programs and degrees at Northcentral University that effectively prepare Students for a meaningful career as a career consultant or job training specialist. These include an MBA in Human Resources Management, a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences or a Doctor of Education in Global Training and Development. The latter is specifically geared toward preparing those who seek leadership positions in the field of training and counseling and provides classes like "Human Performance: Paradigms and Possibilities” and "Strategic Links for Successful Global Training.”

Bruce Frey, a recent PhD graduate of Northcentral University’s School of Education, explains how his own career in the education industry improved as he progressed with his study at Northcentral.

"The degree which I have earned at Northcentral University is going to enable me to contribute to the education community,” Frey said. "And enable me to fulfill my career desires of becoming an educator.”

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