Gleam, Brass and Pop - the Imagery of Success

There is something about that subtle, almost dull gleam that originates when leather is tightly stretched over the corners of a briefcase, accented by brass furnishings and that muffled pop of the clasps springing to open. In addition to exemplifying a craftsman’s touch, the briefcase represents the businessman’s workload and is a familiar symbol of success and professionalism.

Many ambitious individuals seek the briefcase and its connotations of status and stature. But with competition consistently escalating, how can an individual stand out? Advanced degrees isolate an individual from competitors and are considered more valuable than ever to both succeed in business and warrant that illustrious briefcase. The acquisition of an advanced degree has become so essential that even existing business leaders are returning to school.

"We are finding that within the business climate, organizations and corporations are finding the need to send their senior leaders back to school so they can compete in a global marketplace,” says Dr. Lee Smith, Dean of the School of Business and Technology Management at Northcentral University. "These programs offer Students throughout the world an opportunity to gain or expand their business skills to compete wherever they may reside.”

To those seeking advanced degrees and aggressively pursuing a business career, business experts also recommend harnessing two to three years of relevant work experience. These recommendations, however, can cause years of delay and frustration for the budding briefcase owner. Northcentral University provides a pathway wherein an individual can accomplish both suggestions simultaneously, surpassing the competition and eliminating wait time. By taking advantage of one of the University’s online business administration programs, Students are able to acquire an advanced degree while continuing to work.

The gleam, brass and pop of the briefcase is readily accessible to the motivated Student. To learn more about earning a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate or Certificate of Advanced Study in Business Administration from Northcentral University, go to