An Honorable Mention and Esteemed Society

Northcentral University’s international and national honor societies provide Students with an avenue of meaningful academic experiences and professional preparation beyond their regular coursework and assignments.

The University partners with honor societies focusing on business, criminal justice and education to provide students with a valuable network of colleagues and mentors who share their career passions. These peers and advisors can offer advice on finding success in education and performing well in an occupation. The four honor societies are Delta Mu Delta (business), Alpha Phi Sigma (criminal justice), Kappa Delta Pi (education) and Golden Key International Honour Society, which does not affiliate with a specific focus.

"We feel that our honor societies are just one of the many unique offerings that differentiate Northcentral University from other online institutions,” said Northcentral University President, Clinton Gardner. "Our focus is truly on creating a completely integrated education experience with long-term benefits for our goal-oriented Students.”

Each society has different qualifications for membership, with most requiring the Student maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and be in at least the top 20 percent of their respective classifications to be eligible. This sets Students apart from their peers, and recognizes them for their excellent academic achievement and devotion to their professional aspirations.

Honor societies offer the driven Students of Northcentral University an opportunity to associate easily with their peers across the nation and globe, not hindered but rather encouraged by the University’s 100-percent-online interface. For more information on honor societies or becoming a Northcentral University Student, visit