Education is changing—are you ready for it?

The first home computer would have cost more than ten thousand dollars. At that price, the notion of using it for college coursework or carrying it with you would have been lunacy. Today, laptops cost substantially less and are considered a necessity for college Students who will cart them to café couches across the globe. However, the computer’s role isn’t the only aspect of education that has evolved in the last half century, or even in the last decade.

Since 2002, the number of Students enrolled in at least one online course has tripled, equaling nearly 5 million Students studying wherever and whenever they choose. Completely-online universities have sprung up, with a select few earning full accreditation and achieving the same standards as traditional schools.

"The real value of Northcentral University is it is the only 100 percent online, regionally accredited university that offers such a wide array of programs,” explains Dr. Heather Fredrick, Dean of Northcentral University’s School of Behavioral and Health Sciences.

The primitive communication practice of passing notes is still thriving, albeit with a few modifications. With online education, Students can communicate with each other through chat rooms, e-mail and social media. Students can also communicate on an individual basis with their instructors through Northcentral University’s faculty mentored approach. In the past, Students may have had to compete with hundreds of their peers enrolled in the same course to get the attention of one professor, but at Northcentral University, each Student has an experienced mentor who is dedicated to assisting each Student in achieving their goals.

"As a faculty mentor, I have the privilege of being able to work with Students around the country and around the world in a variety of a capacities and backgrounds,” says Northcentral University faculty mentor Eva Mika. "Because it is online, the diversity is rich.”

Online education has evolved to accommodate this diversity—Students with different schedules and methods of learning no longer meet in the same classroom at the same time each day. When a Student seeks an advanced degree online, they are able to study around work and family schedules, in whatever room they choose.

In an August 2009 New York Times article, experts declared that the real promise of online education is in "providing learning experiences that are more tailored to individual Students than is possible in classrooms,” which in turn fosters the concept of "learning by doing.” Many Students find this engagement more useful and more relevant.

Education has evolved exponentially; however, the goal of achieving a quality education has remained static. Northcentral University is able to reconcile both of these by offering a 100 percent online education with accredited, undiluted academic quality.