Every Dollar Matters

A 100% online accredited university, Northcentral University eliminates many of the traditional costs that correlate with higher education.  This is done by allowing Students to study from their own homes or desired locations rather than at a campus. And while costs are significantly lower than a brick-and- mortar institution, it is useful to know where each online tuition dollar is going.

While other online education institutions may skimp on quality educators to lessen costs, Northcentral University is dedicated to providing a unique faculty mentored approach that entitles each Student to receive feedback and instruction from an experienced professional in their field of study. The approach is a valuable asset to the university, and to each Student’s progression within their field.

"Most of our competitors offer a classroom environment where they have 10 or 20 students sitting in a class. We offer a (virtual) classroom environment of only one student "sitting” in that class with that faculty member,” says Northcentral University President Clinton Gardner, Ph.D. "Our Students are paying for a one-on-one experience.”

As an online-based institution, Northcentral University spends time and resources rigorously monitoring advancing technology and evaluating its potential value to Students.  Using the "Student Portal” at Northcentral University, Students are able to access their coursework and mentor feedback, and reference thousands of e-books and articles through the digital library. Tech support personnel are available to assist Students and mentors in maintaining a convenient, trouble-free learning experience.

"Northcentral University’s computer platform allows Students and graduates to access the latest scientific information 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Dr. William Reay, Chair of Mental Health Counseling. "So when a practitioner is faced with a problem, they can immediately go online and find the solutions  and technology necessary to solve that problem.” 

The mission of Northcentral University is to provide Students with opportunities to earn Doctorate, Master's and Bachelor's degrees online —through recognized, accredited and motivating academic programs. The online university invests in developing curriculum that challenges and engages Students, equal to that found at a traditional institution.

"Economically, Northcentral University stands on its own,” says Gregory Bradley, Dean of Academic Research. "We are 100 percent online, but this flexibility should not be confused with diluted academic quality.”

At Northcentral University, every Student—and every dollar—matters.  Its full time educated and enthusiastic administration staff is available to field questions regarding enrollment, advisement and their unique approach to online education. To find information on reaching the staff, check out Northcentral University today by visiting http://www.ncu.edu/, or by calling 1-866-776-0331.