What to Expect On Your First Day at Northcentral University

The tag on your new sweater is scratching at the back of your neck, and with every inhale, you can smell your laptop’s plastic warming. So far, this first day of school feels unexceptional, but you will soon find that the first day of school at Northcentral University is unlike the first day at any other educational institution. Here is what you can expect on your first day at the regionally accredited online university:

First, one of the greatest advantages of pursuing an advanced degree at Northcentral University is the ability to begin classes on the first day of any week, rather than being limited to a traditional semester schedule. This also allows you to stagger your courses as you determine the time demands of each.

On or before your self-elected first day of class, you will receive a call from a member of the Northcentral University staff. They will personally walk you through the workings of the Web site, Student Portal and the logistics of being a Northcentral Student—such as how to submit papers, find a tutorial or access library resources. Take advantage of the staff’s knowledge, ask them questions and receive answers on how to maximize your online education experience.

After you have received your individualized orientation, you are ready to begin tutorials and submitting assignments at your own pace. Each course has a detailed syllabus that provides information on each assignment, and your Faculty Mentor is readily available to assist with any additional questions.

Your first day at Northcentral University is not confined to a campus or classroom, or even to a certain time—the 100% online format allows you to begin earning your advanced degree from anywhere in the world, whenever it is convenient for you.

Start preparing for your first day at Northcentral University now by learning more at www.ncu.edu.