Five Tips to Succeeding in Online Education

For students accustomed to traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms, earning an advanced degree from a 100% online university, such as Northcentral University, can be an adjustment. This adjustment can be eased by following these 5 simple tips to succeeding in online education:

1. Choose your institution carefully
Not all online universities are equal in terms of educational quality and overall experience. Take the time to select an institution that has been accredited by a credible institution. Northcentral University has received regional accreditation by two leading agencies: The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

2. Always ask questions
In order to succeed in an online-based education, it is crucial for a Student to ask questions and receive feedback. Northcentral University’s unique faculty mentored approach facilitates one-on-one communication between Students and industry professionals, easing this task and providing a source of individual support. Each Student is assigned a faculty mentor upon signing up for a specific course.

3. Schedule your time wisely
Many students choose to pursue online education because the format allows them to continue working while seeking a degree, which requires careful time management and dedication. Northcentral University resources are available to students 24/7, making it possible for students to learn whenever it is convenient for them. Furthermore, students at Northcentral are not limited to following a traditional semester schedule, but can begin classes at the beginning of any month — permitting them to stagger their workload as needed.

4. Stay connected with a network of peers and colleagues
Networking and interaction with other Students is an imperative part of the 100% online experience. At Northcentral University, each Student has access to the Student Web Portal which, through a series of functions, allows students access to discussion boards and chat rooms. There, they are able to discuss assignments, ask questions and develop valuable connections with one another, even though they may be a continent away from each other rather than across a desk.

5. Be self-motivated
Perhaps the most valuable tip to succeeding in online education is being self-motivated. Consider your reasons for seeking an advanced degree — whether that includes the desire to pursue a new career or improve your position in your current one. Northcentral University provides resources to encourage your motivation and progression, with the support of a knowledgeable administration staff and faculty mentors dedicated to your success.

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