Student Profile - School of Behavioral and Health Sciences - David Stout

Student Advisory Board member, David Stout, from Wall Township, New Jersey has been an Northcentral Student since July of 2005. David will be completing his doctorate in April in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine.

David shares why he picked Northcentral University.

"I always knew that I wanted to complete my doctorate. At the time that I decided to return to school, I began researching online universities because my schedule would not permit taking classes in a traditional format. I researched schools for nearly a year before I decided on Northcentral. I selected Northcentral because of its reputation, the ability to specialize in the area that I’m most interested in, the flexibility of the online format, and the fact that I would not have to complete a residency requirement.”

David’s thoughts on his future goals and how Northcentral plays a part in that:

"I am an Associate Professor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, so I plan to continue delivering the highest quality of education to my students. Northcentral has helped me achieve this goal due to the excellent education that I have received. I thought I knew a lot about psychology before choosing to attend Northcentral; it only took a few courses for me to discover how much more I needed to know. I believe that my students have also benefited from my education, as the depth of my knowledge has increased exponentially.”

What David would like to share with his fellow Students:

"Be persistent, but open minded. Don’t take criticism personally. You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve if you accept the helping hands of your Advisor, Mentors, Dissertation Chair and Dissertation Committee members!”